A England: Fotheringhay Castle

Hi Pretty Polishers! Today I’m bringing you a gorgeous, unique polish, also my very first a england polish. I first heard about a england late last year when they released their Elizabeth + Mary Collection, so I have been coveting it ever since. I just recently purchased my very first one! Now, I just need 4 more of the shades to complete my collection!


Fotheringhay Castle is a mossy green with amazing scattered holo that makes it look almost copper in sunlight. I really have nothing like this shade in my collection so that makes it so much better. The formula was perfection on this shade. It was a smooth, easy, gorgeous, ONE-coater. These photos were taken outdoors under natural sunlight.

Fotheringhay Castle by a england

Fotheringhay Castle by a england

Fun fact: Fotheringhay Castle was a REAL castle in the UK near Northamptonshire, England. It was originally founded around 1100. Possession passed through different Scottish Kings and eventually became the final place of imprisonment of Mary, Queen of Scots. The castle was dismantled in the 1630’s and now there is just a large motte and site where it used to stand. Sorry guys, I love history and origins 🙂

This photo was taken indoors under a high definition lamp. Look at all that gorgeous holo!

Fotheringhay Castle by a england

A england can be purchased on their website if you are in the UK. For outside of the UK, they have an international stocklist that you can search your country here. Each polish is about $10-$13 US.

So this polish is definitely a beauty and I can’t wait to get more from this collection. Have you tried a england polish?

Stay strong in your Pursuit!