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Hi Pretty Polishers! Welcome to The Polished Pursuit. My name is Pao and I am pursuing a polished life!

Here you will find nail polish swatches + reviews of new, current and old collections. You’ll also find DUPES comparisons, seasonal nail art, giveaways, and the essentials to nail care. I also love planning and all things to do with planners/agendas. DIY’s are my favorite as well as organic beauty products. I write for nail polish lovers worldwide whether you’re an avid collector (like me) and want to know what is the latest collection or you’re just starting out with your first few polishes and need some guidance and/or advice. If you love nail polish, nail art, and nail care, planning, DIY’s, and organic products you’ll feel right at home here! 🙂


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I was inspired to start this blogging journey in part thanks to the motivation from my sister pushing me to start blogging. The other part, was because I longed for nice, beautiful, long nails. I started off blogging only about nail polish so I’ll tell you guys a little story. When I was a teen I used to bite my nails. Yes I know, horrific. My nails were bitten so bad, my fingers would throb because there was hardly any nail bed left. When I started high school, a friend of mine took me to the nail salon to get her acrylic nails done. I fell in love with her nails and instantly wanted them. There began a four year adventure with acrylic nails. It kept me from biting them, but it destroyed my natural nails. On my 18th birthday I decided I was done with acrylic nails and wanted to nourish my natural nails back to health. So there began my journey to achieve long, strong, beautiful nails. It took almost two years for my nails to grow back strong. For a very long time they were extremely weak and would break easily. I didn’t bite them anymore, thankfully, but I had to take extra good care of them. I was on a mission! I noticed that if I would wear a dark nail polish, my nails would grow quicker and become stronger. So there was born my nail polish obsession! I also love to decorate, bake, and shop! I’m a girly girl 🙂

In the last couple years I have grown to love nail polish more than ever. My favorite brands include essie, Color Club, China Glaze, Cirque Colors, and ZOYA. I am always looking for new brands, colors, nail art ideas, and nail care products.

I look forward to sharing all of my ideas and creativity with you 🙂

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