It’s my Birthday, and I’ll POLISH my nails if I want to!

Hello Pretty Polishers! Today is my birthday!!! 🙂 How many of you love your birthday? I’m one of those that likes to make my birthday a big deal. I love being pampered, being happy, and feeling loved. Hey, it’s once a year after all!

On my special day of birth I’m sharing a cute birthday mani I created. I was inspired by many bday manis I saw on Pinterest. I have several nail boards on there so if you’re obsessed like me, follow me! 🙂

Birthday Nails

For these Birthday Nails I used the following polish:

  • Mirror Mirror by Cirque Colors
  • Turquoise & Caicos by essie
  • Kitridge by ZOYA
  • Mimi by ZOYA
  • Acrylic Paint from Michael’s

Mirror Mirror by Cirque Colors is a polish that I bought myself for my birthday! Ever since I saw this color I wanted it, but it was sold out. So I patiently waited and the second it went back in stock, I ordered my bottle. It’s everything I thought it would be and more. Mirror Mirror is a light gold chunky glitter in a clear base. It is opaque in three coats. I LOVE this polish! It’s perfect for a birthday mani. 🙂

I added a cupcake and balloons using acrylic paint. For my ring finger I used a chevron pattern with sparkly star rhinestones that I’ve had for a while and never used. This was the perfect moment. I will work on a tutorial for these cupcakes and balloons and post soon! But for now, I’m off to eat some cupcakes!

I also wanted to announce that I started a You Tube channel! Making videos has always been a passion of mine since I studied Journalism and Mass Communication in college. I have worked at several radio and TV stations and making promos or commercials was always my favorite part of the job. Please check out my channel and make sure to subscribe. It’s in the baby stages now, but I’m planning on getting more videos and tutorials up!

Have a great Tuesday everyone and thanks for stopping by my little polish space!

Stay strong in your Pursuit!

These photos were taken outdoors under natural sunlight.

Birthday Nails Birthday Nails Birthday Nails IMG_2728 Birthday Nails