butter LONDON: Trustafarian

Happy Mani Monday! I’ve been looking forward to Monday only for ONE reason – this polish. I found this amazing shade at Ulta on clearance for $3.97! Yes, three dollars and ninety-seven cents. I was like “Whaaaaa?”. I had to double check with the cashier to make sure it was correct. I bought a few butter LONDON polishes that were on clearance but this beauty was the first one I had to share. This is Trustafarian:

Trustafarian by butter LONDON | Nailpolishpursuit.com


Trustafarian is from the Butter London Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection, so it is a few years old, but I have just discovered this beauty! This is a sage holo green that is simply stunning. The formula is great and so easy to work with. It covers evenly and opaque in 2 easy coats!

Trustafarian by butter LONDON | Nailpolishpursuit.com

So why such a strange name? That’s what I wanted to know…um, butter LONDON! I googled what “Trustafarian” meant, because sorry I had no clue, and this is what I found:

  1. a rich young person who adopts a bohemian lifestyle and lives in a nonaffluent area.

Very cool… like a modern hippie that has no worries about money! Hmm… I can think of a few celebrities that fit this category! Miley Cyrus anyone? Her latest is that she doesn’t shave her armpit hair! Good grief! lol It’s still a weird name for such a gorgeous polish, but hey, I’ll take it 🙂

Trustafarian by butter LONDON | Nailpolishpursuit.com

Well now that you know what it means… and if you have an Ulta near you in the US, try to score this beauty! It’s totally worth it!

butter LONDON is 3 FREE and based in the US. They retail for about $15 but I have found several colors at Marshalls, Ulta, and TJ Maxx on clearance.

Have you tried this color? What is your fave butter LONDON polish? Have a great Monday everyone 🙂

Stay strong in your Pursuit!