DUPES: Volt of Light vs. Not-So-Mellow Yellow

It’s Wednesday already? No. Can’t be. Why do the weeks fly by? I know why… it’s because I’m having fun. That’s how the old saying goes right? So it’s been a minute since I did a DUPES post. I have… Continue Reading

Color Club Summer Bright Polish Picks

Hi pretty polishers! It’s mid-week already 🙂 This week is flying by! It’s raining here again, but sunny too. Typical Summer weather. I’m not over Summer polish yet so today I’m sharing a few other bright pretties from my stash!

Color Club Summer Neon Picks

Hi pretty polishers! Today I’m sharing with you a few neon polishes from one of my favorite brands ever, Color Club! These are perfect for Summer, they give you an instant tan, and look delicious under the sun.

Color Club: It’s Raining Men

Happy Mani Monday loves! Today I’m sharing with you a lovely polish I recently picked up and it had been sitting in my “to swatch” pile for some time. This is It’s Raining Men by Color Club.