China Glaze 2017 My Little Pony Collection | Swatches + Review

Happy Sunday Funday loves! Today I have such a special treat for you guys!!! I have been anticipating the launch of this gorgeous and adorable collection and it’s finally here. This is the China Glaze 2017 My Little Pony Collection.

I used to be obsessed with My Little Pony when I was a little girl. Next to my Barbies, my Ponies were my favorite thing on earth. I had tons of them and they all lived in the Paradise Estate which was an enormous mansion! I used to spend hours playing with them and I adored them! While I don’t keep up with the current My Little Pony, this collection holds a special place in my heart because of my childhood memories.

The new present day Ponies are soooo different than my vintage 80’s My Little Ponies. Now a days they have more of a Japanese Anime vibe going on. I still think they are super cute, but I cherish my old school Ponies so much.

This collection is made up of a 12 piece set with 2 additional limited edition polishes. They include cremes, shimmers, glitters, and even a HOLO!!! Let’s take a look at these cuties.



This is a beautiful watermelon pink/red crelly. Amazing formula!! Almost opaque in 1 coat. Super juicy and glossy. This is 2 coats of perfection.

This beauty is named after Applejack™!

I love the vintage Applejack just a little bit more 🙂


This is a hot pink filled with pink shimmer. This one had a fantastic formula. It dries matte so you have the option of leaving it as is or adding a glossy top coat.

Here it is with a glossy top coat. The shimmer is very subtle. I actually like the matte version better. Which one do you prefer?


This is a strawberry milkshake pastel pink. It was a little patchy on the first coat, but covers up perfectly in 2 coats. So yummy and delicious.

Appropriately named after Pinkie Pie™!


This is a banana pudding pastel yellow creme. Kind of patchy on the first coat. Don’t overload your brush, or you will flood your cuticles. This is 2.5 coats.


This is a gorgeous pastel mint creme. Ahhhhh! So incredibly beautiful. I love colors like these. This one was patchy but opaque in 2 coats. Love!!

The Ponies all have a Cutie Mark™ on the sides of their bodies which identifies them. So cute!!


This is a beautiful light turquoise filled with silver shimmer. Amazing formula. Almost a one coater but I did 2 coats here.

The shimmer is very very subtle.


This is a teal/cerulean blue creme. Such a gorgeous shade!! It leans more toward teal than blue. Difficult to photograph but I was able to color correct and get it as close to real life as possible. This one is a bit of a stainer, so double up on base coat. It was also nearly a 1 coater. Super pigmented and fabulous!


This is a silver linear holographic. I die. I die. I die. A mainstream polish releasing a HOLO?!?! It’s a dream come true. If this beauty wasn’t perfect enough, it’s a ONE COATER. Stunning!!

I love everything about this polish. If you only get 1 polish in this whole collection, get this one!!


This is a purple grape jelly base filled with holo glitter. This polish stopped me in my tracks when I was unboxing it. Such a stunner!! Fantastic formula, opaque in 2 coats!

It does dry a bit dull so you will need a glossy top coat. It’s so gorgeous outdoors under sunlight. I’m obsessed!


This is a berry/plum jelly base filled with holo glitter. This is I Just Canterlot’s baby sister. Another perfect formula. Opaque in 2 coats.

You might want to use a peel off base coat for these glitters for easy removal.

Pinkie Pie™ never leaves home without the party canon! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can watch this clip here.


This is a purple + blue glitter topper. This won’t be opaque on it’s own so it’s best to do one coat over black or white whichever you prefer.

At first I tried both to see what they would look like and then I chose to do one coat over black because I loved the way it looked outdoors.

Outdoors under sunlight this is beautiful.

But outdoors under shade this polish comes to life!!! WOW!! Absolutely stunning!!!

Look at that shift!! I couldn’t stop taking pictures of this beauty.


This is a white + gold iridescent glitter topper. Again, it won’t be opaque on it’s own so it 100% looks amazing over a black base.

Outdoors under sunlight this beauty glows and you can really see the white glitter in there.

Outdoors under shade, the shift goes from green to bronze because of the black base. It is gorgeous!!

Another polish I couldn’t stop photographing because it was so amazing!


This is the Songbird Serenade Duo set which is Limited Edition and comes with two friendship rings. These are not part of the core collection and will be sold seperately.


This is an antique gold foil. Super duper brushstrokey!! Blehh I’m not a fan of foiled polish because some of them like this one, are incredibly not forgiving so you have to be careful when applying. Don’t overload your brush with this one because you will flood your cuticles. This is one coat.


This is a black base filled with rainbow micro glitter. This one was also a ONE COATER! Amazing formula.

The rainbow glitter is super subtle. I like this polish, it’s different and I’m glad they added it as a limited edition shade.


You can watch my live swatch + review video to see these babies in action. Don’t forget to subscribe!

The My Little Pony Collection is being released on July 3, 2017 at Sally Beauty. Make sure to check out the China Glaze website to see what other retailers will carry the collection.

China Glaze is 3-FREE so that means it doesn’t contain Formaldehyde, Toluene, or DBP. China Glaze retails for about $7.50 or less in the US and is sold at Ulta, Sally Beauty, and local beauty supply stores.

My favorites from the bunch are Applejack of My Eye™, Cutie Mark™ the Spot, I Just Canterlot, I Sea Ponies, and Let Your Twilight Sparkle. It was easy to fall in love with so many of these gorgeous polishes. Which ones were your favorites? Do you love My Little Pony? Have a great Sunday!