China Glaze: Grass is Lime Greener

Aren’t Sunday Fundays the BEST? Even though I’m a bit sad because my niece left back to college and spring break is over 🙁 … I am overjoyed with the memories we made this week! So pretty polishers, today I’m sharing with you a polish I got from my Lucky Leprechaun swap with Danielle Kelley nails. If you wanna watch my video on this swap, click here.

Now onto the polish! This is Grass is Lime Greener by China Glaze.

Grass is Lime Greener by China Glaze

All I have to say is YUCK! 🙁 This totally sucks but I hated the formula!!! It’s a great bright awesome neon green, but the formula stinks. It’s streaky and watery and dries matte. Blehhh! I can’t take it. The only way to save this polish is by doing 3 coats and adding a nice glossy top coat. I left the photos without top coat so you could see it’s raw matte finish. Did I mention blehhh? I’m very picky with matte polish! The only matte polish I’ve ever really adored has been the ZOYA original matte polishes like Savita and Posh. Click on those names to see those posts.

Grass is Lime Greener by China Glaze

It might not seem like it’s matte in the pics, but trust me these are totally matte. Also, they dried so streaky and bumpy. Double, triple yuck! Oh and I’m not even this tan, this color is just making me look extra tan! I guess that’s the only good thing about this polish. What do you think? Are you loving this matte neon green? I certainly didn’t. Oh well, you can’t love ’em all!

Grass is Lime Greener by China Glaze

Hope everyone has a wonderful, restful Sunday!

Stay strong in your Pursuit!