China Glaze Halloween 2019 To Catch a Colour Collection

Who is ready for Halloween?!?!? I am!!! It’s my fave holiday of the year. So I’m showing you last year’s Halloween Collection by China Glaze. I love their Halloween Collections, they really knock it out of the park with them.

Guys, I’ve been swatching a ton and catching up with collections. I’m also really glad you guys have been loving them. Ok so let’s take a look at this fun boo-tiful collection.


This is a burnt orange filled with holo shards. This one is super watery so try to do thin coats that way you don’t flood your cuticles. I did 3 coats here.

The holo glitter on this is soooo stunning. I understand why they made the formula thin, it’s a lot easier to see the beautiful holo glitter.


This is a glitter topper with black and copper small glitter + large black hex glitter in a black base. It’s so fun! You can really do whatever you want with this topper so I did several things with it. Here is 2 coats.

Here it is over white polish. I prefer it on it’s own and in 2 coats. What do you prefer?

I love the large hex glitter! It’s my fave!!


This is a pine green filled with green glitter. The formula on this was great. Super pigmented and opaque in 2 easy coats.

This polish would probably be really great for Christmas as well!


This is a charcoal grey filled with tons of silver glitter. This one was super thick and opaque! It dries very gritty and cool. This is 2 coats.

It kind of reminds me of asphault. What do you think?

You can leave this polish with the gritty finish or add a glossy top coat. Which one do you prefer? I like it without a top coat since that’s how the polish was meant to look.


This is a glitter topper filled with orange shards and black multi-shaped hex glitter. This one is actually so so fun and customizable. You can do any amount of coats you’d like and it’s going to look good no matter what. Here it is in 3 coats.

Here is the progression of 1 – 3 coats.

Here it is over white.

I personally like it in 1 coat. It’s so subtle and fun while making a statement.


This is an eggplant purple filled with holo glitter. This one has a patchy formula. It gets much darker with each coat but I did 3 coats just to even everything out.

That holo sparkle is the prettiest!

For the polishes I used top coat, I applied Seche Vite which I purchased on Amazon here:

These polishes are available at ULTA online here.

China Glaze is now 7-FREE, and has a new brush with 35% more fibers than before, ensuring a smooth application in fewer brush strokes and long-lasting wear with incredible shine.

My fave was Get Off My Cold Case! Such a cool glitter. Which one was yours?

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