China Glaze Ready to Wear Fall 2018 Collection | Review + Swatches

My loves! It is already Fall, well at least in the US it is… and mainly in the Northern States because down here in Miami… it’s still Summer. It never really gets too cold here. We don’t have changing leaves, cool air, or boot weather so it’s technically Fall, but not really! Nonetheless I am going to share an amazingly beautiful perfect-for-Pumpkin-Spice-Lattes-weather collection with you. This is the Ready to Wear Fall/Winter 2018 Collection by China Glaze.

This collection of 12 new shades captures the hectic yet vibrant spirit of New York Fashion Week – both in the shows and and on the streets outside. The Ready to Wear lineup will let any fashionista show off her #NOTD! I was fortunate enough to have China Glaze send these beauties to me. China Glaze honestly never ceases to amaze me. I LOVE their polish and this collection is a beautiful mix of Fall and Winter polish. I am so in love! Let’s take a look at each one.



This is a garnet red matte. It is opaque in ONE coat!!! Wow!!! It is super pigmented. The only thing about this polish is that it’s very brushstrokey so be super careful when applying. You also don’t want to over load your brush because the polish will slide down the stem and create a huge blob on your nail. It also dries lighting speed fast!

This polish obviously looks amazing in matte. I would wear it just like this. If you have any knicks or bumps on your nail, they will show up when this polish is matte. But you can’t see them from afar, only up close.

You can apply a glossy top coat and wear this glossy which makes this polish perfect for Christmas. It’s so stunning! I used Seche Vite top coat which you can buy here.


This is an amazing copper shimmer. Oh my! It’s also a one coater. I’m telling you, China Glaze is killing it. The formula on this is perfection.

A gorgeous close up of the delicious shimmer in here. I’m in love!



This is a soft blush pink creme. It was a tad streaky so this took 2.5 coats to reach full opacity. And I say 2.5 because on some nails it was opaque in 2 and other nails (like my ring finger) I had to add a 3rd coat to reach opacity. This is so great for Spring too. Soft gentle and chic for Fall.


This is a mulberry base filled with tons of purple, orange, and blue shimmer. Gorgeous!!! It was almost opaque in 1 coat. I did 2 just to even everything out.

Be careful when removing this polish because the shimmer will get all over your fingers. You will want to take quick downward sweeps when removing instead of rubbing nail polish remover all over your nails.


This is a light lilac metallic. Mehhh I’m not a fan of this guy. I don’t really like metallics because they are SO brushstrokey and that’s annoying. This is 2 coats.

You can even see the brushstrokes here! It’s a pretty metallic but just not my fave type of polish. Great for the holidays though!


This is a grey slate matte. This is SUCH a cool polish. It dries matte, with an almost satin finish and dries super super fast. I did 3 coats here but you could probably leave it at 2 coats. I left this one matte and didn’t even add a glossy top coat because that would just make it ordinary. Matte makes it so much more unique.


This is a moss green base filled with tons of teal, purple and silver shimmer. Very similar to Pay It Fashion Forward. This one is so stunning! It was almost opaque on the 1st coat but I did 2 here.

The silver shimmer in this is gorgeous! It almost gives this polish a gunmetal look.


This is a beautiful dark olive green creme. Ermergerrrrrd!!! Obsessed for real. This guy was basically opaque on the 1st coat. It’s super pigmented. I did 2 coats here. So buttery and smooth, this one glides beautifully on the nail.


This is a delicious steel blue creme. Oh my oh my oh my. Soooo good and buttery!!! This polish is delish. It really glides on the nail. Opaque in ONE coat. Super pigmented, creamy and smooth. I’m in love!


This is a midnight blue creme. Vampy central over here. This one was also amazingly pigmented and also opaque in 1 coat. Ok guys, if you don’t paint your nails often with dark colors like these or if you don’t paint your nails often at all, do 2 thin coats of this. I am able to do 1 thick coat because I paint my nails a gazillion times, but if you don’t then be safe and do thin coats. This can very easily flood your cuticles and become a blue mess!


This is a burgundy base filled with gold, and red shimmer. OMG this is FALL in a bottle. So stunning!!! Very easy to apply and is opaque in 2 coats.

The shimmer is gorge! Absolutely gorge!

If you didn’t think this polish was amazing enough already, outdoors under shade it is beautiful!

The shimmer really pops and looks almost foiled! Love this one!!


This is a deep mustard yellow creme and the star of collection. Whenever a mainstream brand releases a yellow of any shade, it’s always the most popular. This was no different. This applies like a dream. Two easy coats to reach full opacity.


If you want to check these beauties out in action, check out my live swatch + review video here:


There is also a 6 piece mini set that is adorbs! You can get it here. The mini set retails for $18.25 which is a steal and you get Mustard the Courage which is a cult favorite and my FAVE!!!

I LOVE love love love the nail tips that China Glaze has been releasing with their collections lately. They look SO good and don’t damage your nails. I’m obsessed! They are super easy to apply and if you want long stiletto or almond shaped nails for a day, try these out. They retail for $9.29 each pack. Oh and they are totally reusable!!


Ermergerrrrdd guys these are to die for. I really enjoyed all of these with the exception of Chic Happens, but my stand out faves from the bunch were Swatch Out!, Central Parka, Sample Sizing Me Up, Aut-umn I Need That, and of course Mustard the Courage. You can purchase these at Sally’s, ULTA, or on Amazon here.

Have you picked any of these up? Which one was your favorite?


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