China Glaze Summer 2018 Shades of Paradise Collection

Hi everyone! I am still in Summer mode, technically it is still Summer, even though every store in town has Fall, Halloween, and some even have Christmas products stocked. It’s too soon for me. I want to bask in the Summer weather for a bit longer. Well in reality the weather in Miami is almost always semi-hot, hot, or super hot. Doesn’t change much throughout the year. Today I’m sharing with you the stunning Summer 2018 Shades of Paradise Collection by China Glaze.


Break out the bellinis and bikinis! China Glaze, The Shades Of Paradise Lacquer Collection whisks you away to a summer oasis of lush tropical color! There is quite a range of shades here so let’s take a look.



This is a white matte! It literally looks just like white out. Remember the old school white out bottles? Now everyone just uses the tape, but if you know the old school liquid white out, this is exactly like that! It dries super super quick so you’re gonna wanna do quick strokes. I can’t believe it dries matte, super cool and very very summery or for anytime throughout the year where you want stark white nails. Doesn’t almost everyone love white toes and nails in the Summer time? I do!

Here it is with a glossy top coat. You can’t really tell the difference too much. I love it matte. Which way do you prefer it?



This is a nude with a tiny bit of gold shimmer. It’s super super pigmented! I was impressed it was so pigmented! The shimmer, however, is not so visible on the nail. This is 2 easy coats.

I can’t really see the shimmer as much on the nail as in the bottle.



This is a baby blue holo. The only holo in the collection but it is perfection. So stunning! Truly a gorgeous polish. Applies beautifully. This is 2 coats.

It sparkles amazing under sun. Indoors the holo is less noticeable but it’s still there.



This is a baby blue creme. It’s best to do thin coats for this one because it can tend to be watery so you don’t want to overload your brush and then flood your cuticles. This is 2.5 coats and the most perfect shade of baby blue.



This is an aqua/teal blue shimmer. It is a bit brushstrokey which is not my fave. It is quite shimmery and opaque after 2 coats. I do like that this looks mermaid-ish but I’m not crazy about the finish.

It does sparkle beautifully under the sun though. Do you guys like these types of finishes?



This is a deep orchid purple creme. The formula was absolute perfection! Super easy, buttery smooth and opaque in 2 coats.



This is a magenta pink jelly. The formula is super super watery. I would do thin coats. It dries matte and is pretty sheer. I added a glossy top coat to these 2 coats.



This is a hot pink filled with tons of pink shimmer. Another one that dries matte but this isn’t a jelly, it’s opaque in 2 coats. So fun for the Summer or even Spring!

The pink shimmer in it is visible on the nail.



This is a delicious red orange creme. YUM!!! I love colors like these. It’s not entirely unique but if you don’t have a color like this one, the formula is great so pick this one up! Super juicy, smooth and opaque in 2 easy coats. I drool with this polish!!



This is an amazing rose-y pink. So delicious!!! I love this color. This one was a bit on the thin side, so make sure not to overload your brush because you will flood your cuticles. 2 coats and you’re good to go!



This is a neon-ish orange filled with gold shimmer. The formula was patchy and streaky so it took 3 coats to even out and cover up.

It’s such a fun color and the gold shimmer is so pretty!



This one is a gorgeous neon-ish apricot filled with tons of gold shimmer. The formula was also a bit patchy so I did 3 coats here. This one is exactly like All Sun and Games except it’s apricot toned.

Love the gold shimmer in this one. Stunning! And it looks magical under the sun.


China Glaze is 3-FREE so that means it doesn’t contain Formaldehyde, Toluene, or DBP. China Glaze retails for about $7.50 or less in the US and is sold at Ulta, Sally Beauty, and local beauty supply stores.

You can purchase the mini set of 6 on Amazon here or individual polishes here. These are also available at Sally Beauty on clearance for $3.59 each!!! Click here to check them out.  I loved them all but Kiki in our Tiki, Ma-Holo at Me and Cabana Fever stood out a little more than the rest. Which one is your favorite?






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