China Glaze Summer Favorites GIVEAWAY

Happy FRI-YAY loves! I have a special treat for you guys today!!! I’m getting your nails Summer-ready with a GIVEAWAY. Here are all of the amazing polishes you could win:

China Glaze has some of the best mainstream neons in my opinion, so I wanted to get a few of my Summer favorites together and give you a chance to win them. For full details, rules, and how to enter head on over to my Instagram page here and click on the image in my feed that looks like this:

So now that you’ve entered my giveaway, let’s take a look at each polish I’ve selected for my Summer Favorites:


This is a neon red/orange. It dries super fast and super flat of course. Neons will always tend to dry flat because of the pigmentation. This is so incredibly neon and in-your-face! Three coats is what it will take for this stunner to be opaque and even out. This was shot outdoors in direct sunlight.

This fiery babe is originally from the Summer 2010 Poolside Collection.

Here is a shot outdoors under shade. Doesn’t it look like my nails are glowing? Soooo fiery!!!!


This is a bright neon hot pink with very subtle pearlized shimmer. Perfection for Summer! Also dries super flat, duh neon, and has the most insanely gorgeous satin finish. It might look like I applied a matte top coat, but this is what this beauty looks like naturally after 2-3 coats. This is outdoors under shade.

This was shot indoors under high definition lamps so you can see this beauty under different lighting.

I also added a shiny glossy top coat just to see what it would look like, but I prefer it without the top coat, which is rare for me. It’s so stunning either way. This was shot indoors under high definition lamps. This beauty is originally from the Summer 2012 Neons Collection.


This is the brightest neon peach ever. It is a staple China Glaze polish. The formula isn’t the greatest: patchy, uneven, and a 3 coater, but who cares when you can stare at this all day long once you’re done. These were shot indoors under high definition lamps.

This polish is such a stunner, I can’t resist!! Originally from the Summer 2010 Poolside Collection.

This was shot outdoors under shade. Gorgeous!


This is a neon highlighter yellow. WOW! So incredibly bright!! This baby is a 3 coater on it’s own or you can apply a white base coat and then do 2 thin coats. Either way, it looks fabulous. In my opinion, everyone should wear a shade like this in the Summer at least once.

Hello look at this brightness!!! These were shot outdoors under direct sunlight. Originally from the Summer 2008 Ink Collection.

This polish looks amazing both indoors or outdoors. This image below was shot indoors under a high definition lamp.



This is a neon green with subtle pearlized shimmer. Delicious! This beauty has the same satin finish & formula that Love’s a Beach had. These polishes are just glorious! All of these were shot outdoors under direct sunlight.

This beauty is originally from the Summer 2012 Neons Collection.


Don’t forget to enter my giveaway to win these gorgeous polishes! Click here to enter. Good luck!!!


China Glaze is 3-FREE so that means it doesn’t contain Formaldehyde, Toluene, or DBP. China Glaze retails for about $7.50 or less in the US and is sold at Ulta, Sally Beauty Supply, and local beauty supply stores.

Do you love neons as much as I do? Which one of these was your favorite? Have a great weekend!!!