Christmas Chevron Mani: Cirque Colors

Happy Mani Monday – Christmas edition!

When I first saw this color I knew it would be perfect for Christmastime. Erda by Cirque Colors is an emerald green glitter. It dries to a metallic foil finish. I have been obsessed with Cirque Colors polish lately and I have loved each one… except this one 🙁 The formula is just horrible. And it’s so sad because I LOVE this color and Cirque… but there always has to be at least one bad apple in the bunch. The formula is very streaky, so the first coat looks awful, but it gets 100% better with the second coat. However, after that you can’t add a good top coat because it will shrink and swivel the polish like crazy! I mean you can literally see the waves in the polish. It’s just like when you take aluminum foil and crunch it up. Weird. So I had to let this polish dry on it’s own and then apply top coat. Then it wasn’t so bad. Here is Erda on her own:

Erda by Cirque Colors

I paired up Erda with the lovely Red Fingers & Mistletoes by OPI to create the perfect glittery Christmas chevron mani. I used the skinny Chevron vinyls from Nail Love these!

This look can be changed up with any two colors to make the perfect Chevron mani! I want to do a gray and mint chevron mani next. My two fave colors!

Hope you enjoyed this look! Stay strong in your Pursuit!

These photos were taken indoors under a lamp and a few outdoors in natural sunlight. I found it a bit difficult to photograph this mani because the glitters would blur the camera. It took quite a large amount of takes to get the right one!

Christmas Chevron ManiChristmas Chevron ManiChristmas Chevron ManiChristmas Chevron ManiChristmas Chevron Mani

These were taken outdoors under natural sunglight which was a bit easier than under a lamp. No blur.

Christmas Chevron mani Christmas Chevron mani Christmas Chevron mani