Cirque Colors 2016 Vice Collection | Swatch + Review

Happy Friday loves! We made it through another week 🙂 Today I’m sharing the gorgeous bright and vibrant Cirque Colors 2016 Vice Collection.

Cirque Colors 2016 Vice Collection ||


This set includes 5 cremes and a re-promote of a holo topper from last year’s collection. The theme of this collection is LAS VEGAS! Have you ever been there? I have been there twice! I love Vegas. It’s always fun, entertaining, and memorable. Wait, actually what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Ha Ha! Let’s take a look at these beauties.



The infamous city’s nickname of course. This is an amazing flamingo coral pink. Amazing, outstanding formula. I was blown away. 2 easy coats and this just glides on my nails.

Sin City from the Cirque Colors 2016 Vice Collection ||



This is a hot pink magenta crelly. It has that squishy finish but is super opaque in 2 coats. I loved this one too.

Plastik from the Cirque Colors 2016 Vice Collection ||



Named after the Electric Daisy Carnival festival that happens in Vegas every year! This is a neon chartreuse creme. I was so impressed that this baby had such a great formula. Usually colors like these are streaky and difficult. This one was a dream and opaque in 2 coats. I had minor staining on my cuticles but nothing crazy. Just means  you need extra acetone to remove this guy.

Electric Daisy from the Cirque Colors 2016 Vice Collection ||



This is an incredible neon mint-turquoise creme. OH MY. Be still my heart. I don’t know why colors like these make me squeal but they do. I am in love with this beauty. Flawless formula of course. 2 easy peasy coats.

High Roller from the Cirque Colors 2016 Vice Collection ||



This is what you will need after a weekend of partying in Vegas! This is a bright blurple creme. Delicious formula. Super pigmented. Almost opaque in 1 coat. I did 2 here.

Rehab from the Cirque Colors 2016 Vice Collection ||


The holo topper, WE TRIPPY, is a re-promote from last year’s collection. You can check out my review on that one here.


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Which one was your favorite color? This collection is available right now but it is limited edition so I would pick this up sooner than later! They retail at $13 USD each and you can purchase them here.

Cirque Colors is 3-FREE, they hand mix in small batches, and hand pour each polish! Most polish is scented with lavender essential oils. They are a New York based company and have created some of my favorite polish to date.

Have you tried Cirque Colors? They are my favorite indie/boutique brand. You can check out their inventory here. Have a great weekend loves!

Stay strong in your Pursuit!