DUPES: Battle of the Mustard Yellow Nail Polishes

Hi everyone! I have seen so many mustard yellow polishes launching recently, I just couldn’t resist comparing them to each other and to older mustard yellows too to see which ones are really DUPES or not. Which ones do you think are DUPES?


I love me a good yellow polish, and mustard yellows are a fave of mine!!! Let’s take a look at these individually first and then side by side.


This is a deep mustard yellow creme and the star of collection. Whenever a mainstream brand releases a yellow of any shade, it’s always the most popular. This was no different. This applies like a dream. Two easy coats to reach full opacity.


This is a Dijon mustard pumpkin creme. OH MY. This is so stunning and so unique to my collection. I am in love!!! It’s opaque in 1 coat but I did 2 here.


This is a mustard honey dijon yellow. OH MY GOIYD!!! I’m drooling. This is SUCH a cool color! It has a thin formula and is so easy to apply. Pigmented, different, and just lovely! Opaque in 2 coats.



This is a curry/honey mustard yellow. Devine! I love yellow polish but they are known to be difficult. This one had an ok formula. It’s a 2-3 coater depending on your application.


Now let’s take a look at these side by side:

Ok, just as I suspected, NO DUPES! These are all very different shades of mustard-y yellow which means you need them ALL!!!

KL Polish Caramello can be purchased here and if you use POLISHEDPURSUIT you save 10% off your order!

China Glaze Mustard the Courage can be purchased here.

Never a Dulles Moment by OPI can be purchased here and it’s on sale for only $5!!!

Cream Saffron by H&M can only be purchased in stores.


As per usual I topped these off with Seche Vite and you can purchase it here.

Do you own any of these? They are all must-haves for me!!! Which one do you like the best?









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