DUPES? Booties on Broadway by essie vs. You Don’t Know Jacket by China Glaze

Happy Monday loves! I’m back today with another DUPES post. These have become so popular on my Instagram and here on my blog. You guys have the best suggestions and I love comparing so here we go! Today we are looking at Booties on Broadway by essie vs. You Don’t know Jacket by China Glaze.

These were both from Fall 2018 Collections and looked so close so let’s find out if they are indeed DUPES.

Booties on Broadway by essie

This is a super pigmented deep dark oxford blue creme that is just wow. Just WOW! I get super excited when I come across ONE coaters and this is it! Amazingly buttery smooth and opaque in ONE coat. It’s perfection!

You Don’t know Jacket by China Glaze

This is a midnight blue creme. Vampy central over here. This one was also amazingly pigmented and also opaque in 1 coat. Ok guys, if you don’t paint your nails often with dark colors like these or if you don’t paint your nails often at all, do 2 thin coats of this. I am able to do 1 thick coat because I paint my nails a gazillion times, but if you don’t then be safe and do thin coats. This can very easily flood your cuticles and become a blue mess!

Now let’s take a look at these side by side:

And we have DUPES!!!!! Guys, I think China Glaze and essie came together on this one and said, let’s formulate the same exact polish and just call it different names. These two have the same formula and the same color. I tried to find a slight difference but I think my eyes were just playing tricks on me at that point. These are the same. As a matter of fact, I wore them just like this on my nails for a whole day and no one noticed I was wearing two different polishes.

Price-wise essie is $9.50 and China Glaze is $7.00 so it is slightly cheaper. They both have amazing formulas so here it’s really a preference.

You can purchase Booties on Broadway on Amazon here.

You can purchase You Don’t Know Jacket by China Glaze on Amazon here.

If you have a DUPES request, leave it in the comments below and I will do my best to compare them for you! Have a great week loves.

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