DUPES? Chloe by KL Polish vs. Central Parka by China Glaze

Hi pretty polishers!!! I’m back with another DUPES comparison!! If you didn’t already know, I love DUPES posts. Guys, can you believe it’s already Thanksgiving week in the US?!? Ok now let’s blink and Christmas will be here!! Today I’m comparing two beauties that look like total DUPES, but are they really? This is Chloe by KL Polish vs. Central Parka by China Glaze.

These look very very similar next to each other. But we know by now we can’t decide if they are DUPES until they are on the nails side by side. First, let’s take a look at each one.



This is an olive army green creme. Gorgeous!!! So perfect for Fall. Delicious formula, applies buttery and smooth. This is 2 coats.



This is a beautiful dark olive green creme. Ermergerrrrrd!!! Obsessed for real. This guy was basically opaque on the 1st coat. It’s super pigmented. I did 2 coats here. So buttery and smooth, this one glides beautifully on the nail.


Now let’s take a look at these two side by side:


Verdict: NOT DUPES!!! I thought these were going to be exact DUPES, but they clearly aren’t. Chloe is darker than Central Parka. Chloe leans more toward brown and Central Parka leans more toward green. These are definitely different. Price-wise KL Polish is $9.50 and China Glaze is $7.50 USD. Which one do you prefer?

Purchase Chloe by KL Polish here and use my code POLISHEDPURSUIT to save 10% off your order

Purchase Central Parka by China Glaze here

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Is your turkey ready? Are you cooking or are you just eating? I’m just eating! Either one of these polishes are great for Thanksgiving. I still have to decide which polish I’m wearing for Thanksgiving!

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