DUPES! Gum Would Be Perfection vs. Fiji

Hi everyone! We have finally reached the end of the week. I am SO looking forward to this weekend. My boyfriend and I are heading out to a little weekend getaway. Follow me along on my Instagram Stories to see what I’m up to this weekend. Recently a follower of mine reached out to ask how Gum Would Be Perfection, which is from the KL Polish Spring Collection, compared to essie’s FIJI. Well I LOVE comparing possible DUPES so here it is!

These two look quite similar in the bottle side by side, but you just never know if they are truly DUPES until they are on the nail dry and side by side. Let’s take a look at each one individually first.


This is a very very very pigmented pastel pink creme. Oh my is this thick! It’s manageable just be careful when applying. It has great opacity after 2 coats. This is named after a “FRIENDS” reference of course! This beauty is from the KL Polish Spring Collection which you can see in full here.



This is a thick baby pink creme. It goes on streaky and patchy on the 1st coat. It pretty much evens out in 2.5 coats because some nails required a 3rd coat to reach full opacity like my pointer finger. This polish doesn’t have the best formula but the result is so pretty & chic it’s worth the trouble! I do have the newer version of this polish. There is an older version that is much lighter. You can read more about that here.


Now let’s take a look at these side by side:


WOW!!! These are incredibly close! Gum Would Be Perfection is a hair darker. Like a teeeeeeny tiny bit more pink that Fiji. To the naked eye you really can’t tell, these could pass off for DUPES. The formulas were different though. I like Gum Would Be Perfection’s formula better. It is thicker, creamier, and opaque quicker in less coats. Fiji is a bit thinner and takes 3 coats to reach opacity. It’s more delicate. Wow, I still can’t believe how close these two are! Thank you so much to the follower who suggested this DUPES comparison!


KL Polish is vegan, cruelty free, and now 12-FREE. You can purchase KL Polish here.  Each polish retails for $9.50 USD. Don’t forget to use my coupon code for 10% off your order – POLISHEDPURSUIT612

You can purchase FIJI on Amazon here. It is also sold at Target, Sally Beauty, and local beauty supply stores.


Essie Cosmetics is owned by L’Oréal. The brand has over 250 shades in the permanent collection, plus releases four seasonal color collections and two specialty collections every year. Essie is 3 FREE and sold in drug stores, salons, and beauty supply stores world wide.

Do you own either of these polishes? Which one is your favorite? Have a great weekend loves!!!