DUPES? Lyla by Lights Lacquer Comparisons

Hi polish lovers! My comparison posts continue! These were highly requested so I am making sure to get these done on my blog so everyone can see them.

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KL Polish Aquarius – Lights Lacquer Lyla – KL Polish Point Zero – KL Polish Miss Honey

Today we are taking a look at LYLA Dupes. The polishes being compared to Lyla are all from KL Polish. These were all requests from followers/subscribers. They are Aquarius, Point Zero, and Miss Honey. Let’s take a look at each one.

LYLA by Lights Lacquer

This is a tan with pink undertones. Another amazing formula. No streaks or unevenness whatsoever. Just perfect application and pigment. Super chic and elegant. Opaque in two coats.


This is a pinky nude creme. Also super pigmented and amazingly opaque in just ONE coat. I don’t know how she got the formulas so good but these babies are so so soo pigmented. It’s hard to find a nude that’s opaque in 1 coat. She did it! I also love that this one is named after my zodiac sign. Originally from the KL Polish 2017 Lips + Tips Collection.


This is a cool-toned greyish brown creme. Lovely! This one had just slight patchiness so I did 2 coats to even everything out. Excellent formula of course! Originally from the KL Polish 207 Lips + Tips Collection.


This is a rosy melon mauve creme. I LOVE that she named this after a character from the movie Matilda. Guys I used to watch Matilda over and over and over with my sister. She was obsessed with the movie so this polish automatically reminds of her. The formula was wonderful! A bit watery but so much better than the previous two and very manageable. I did 2 coats here. Originally from the Spring 2017 Collection.

Alright so now that we have looked at each one individually, let’s check out the comparison! Here they are side by side:

Nothing. Zero. Zippo. Guys, c’mon! NONE of these are even close lol! I guess in theory they must have felt similiar, but as you can clearly see, none of them are even close.

If there are any other polishes you can think of that I haven’t compared Matilda to, let me know in the comments.

As always, I topped my swatches off with Seche Vite which you can get here. The YNBB Collection can be purchased here.

Wanna see swatches of the YNBB Collection? Check out my video here:

Have a great rest of your day!

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