DUPES? Mojito vs. Wyatt vs. Wildwood

One of the most requested posts on my IG is that I do DUPES comparisons. I love doing them because it helps everyone! I always try to find DUPES and it’s a happy post when I do because it gives options. Ok, so today we are comparing Mojito by KL Polish to Wyatt by ZOYA to Wildwood by H&M.

Ever since KL Polish announced it was closing, everyone wants a DUPE of Mojito. I am trying guys, I am trying. Let’s see if this time I found a DUPE. First let’s take a look at these individually.


This is a luscious palm leaf green creme. YAASSS! It was 1.5 coats. I left some nails with 1 coat and added a 2nd coat to a few nails. LOVE so so much.


This is a shamrock green creme. Perfection. I adore this shade of green. Luckily (pun intended) this polish was a ONE coater!


This is a perfect pine green. Gaaahhh. I love it so much! Perfect formula. Opaque in 2 coats. Delicious Christmas color.

Now let’s take a look side by side:

Wahhhhhhhh 🙁 I really really thought I was going to have a DUPE here, but sorry to say NO DUPES. Ughhhh. Mojito seems like it’s very very unique. I looked through my entire collection and didn’t find anything similar for any of the brands I own. Crazy!!! It seems like such a simple green, but it’s not.

You can buy Wyatt by ZOYA here.

You can buy H&M nail polish here.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for possible dupes and I will take a shot at it. Also, if you have any other DUPES requests, leave them below in the comments. Have an amazing weekend!

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