DUPES? Pinky by KL Polish vs. Mademoiselle by essie

Hi pretty polishers!! It’s officially Spring and I’m beyond excited. Spring means Summer is around the corner and that is my FAVE time of year.

So we all know by now (or most of us do) that KL Polish is going to close it’s doors. Kathleen Lights wants to end the venture with her business partners for unknowns specifics, but she has noted that they didn’t share the same views and ideas for the business. I’m glad she is going to venture out and do her own thing and create her own brand, owned by her 100%! I can’t wait!!

I’ve received tons of DUPES requests for KL Polish, so I’m going down my list and this was one that I was so excited to do! One of my followers asked me to find a dupe for Pinky. She didn’t give me suggestions or named other polishes so it was my mission to find one close to Pinky. I immediately thought of essie polishes and I narrowed it down to two. I tried both compared them to Pinky and found one I was happy with. Let’s take a look at each one first.

PINKY by KL Polish

This is a perfect soft peachy apricot pink jelly/crelly. So so soo great and delicate. WOW! I didn’t think I was going to like this one because before I swatched it, I knew it would be sheer. It builds up soooo nicely and after 3 coats, it is just perfection. It’s a great year round polish that is honestly great for any occasion. I am in love! Kathleen’s husband named this polish lol! It was the first name that came to his mind when he saw it. Original post is here.

Mademoiselle by essie

This a grown-up sheer pink. It is the perfect pink for a classic french manicure. It has been around for ages, but I was not able to find the exact launch year or collection. It is one of essie’s best selling colors overall and beloved by manicurists and nail polish aficionados all around the world. It is also one of Essie Weingarten’s personal favorites! This lighting is terrible! This was back in the beginning days of my blogging!

Now let’s compare them side by side:

These two are super super super similar. Pinky is a teeny bit more pink than Mademoiselle but these could pass for DUPES!!! To be honest, I love Mademoiselle more because it’s classic and it’s more nude. I love it!

Price-wise they are the same and at this point, the only one available is Mademoiselle. You can purchase it on Amazon here.

essie is 3 FREE (contains no DBP, Toluene, or Formaldehyde) and can be purchased at drug stores, Target, Amazon, and so many other places like local salons and beauty supply stores. They retail for about $8.50 each.

Do you own Mademoiselle? If you don’t, you should because it is such a classic! Everyone needs it in their collection.

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