DUPES?! Porter Miami vs. Lapis Lazuli

Hi loves and Happy Monday! I swear I must be one of the only people out there that don’t dread Mondays! I love my job so for me it’s not a chore to go to work every Monday. I also love blogging so putting up a post on a Monday is fun work for me as well!

Today we are comparing two amazing blue polishes. I received this request on Instagram and I had to do it immediately because I love both of these polishes! Let’s take a look at Porter Miami by KL Polish vs. Lapis Lazuli by H&M. These look super similar. First I’m going to show you each one on it’s own and then a side by side comparison.


This is a gorgeous cobalt blue creme. What an INCREDIBLE formula! WOW!! I am in love you guys!! This beauty was almost opaque in ONE COAT! Ahhhh my fave type of polish. It’s super pigmented and applied like a dream. This is 2 beautiful coats. Also, it did NOT stain!


This beauty is a cobalt blue creme. I just die with shades like this one. They make me melt. I can’t emphasize enough how incredible the formulas on these were. They are buttery and smooth. This one was super pigmented and practically opaque in 1 coat. No staining with removal.

Now let’s take a look side by side:

WOW!!!! Guys these are almost complete DUPES, however they are slightly different. Lapis Lazuli is a teeny tiny bit darker. But honestly from a far you could not tell. Price wise, Porter Miami is $8 and Lapis Lazuli is $5.99 so it is cheaper and as most of us know, KL Polish is going out of business so it’s best to get the H&M polish if you didn’t get a chance to pick up the KL Polish one.

In case KL Polish still has some stock you can get Porter Miami here.

You can get Lapis Lazuli here.

Do you own either one of these? I must say that H&M polishes are AMAZING!!!! My local stores took them out of the actual stores but they are still available online so you can still purchase there. They are super super good quality and very affordable!

Let me know in the comments below what possible DUPES you want me to compare next!!!