DUPES?! Porter Miami vs. Pacific Blue (OG formula)

Happy Friday loves! I had an amazing and very productive week. I’m so ready to unwind this weekend though! It’s my sister’s birthday weekend so we will be celebrating her 26th birthday!! I’m very much looking forward to it. I recently swatched the KL Polish 2017 Summer Collection and when I swatched Porter Miami, I couldn’t believe my eyes so I immediately reached for Pacific Blue by Sally Hansen (the original formula) to see if it was a DUPE. Here is what I found…


So automatically I thought, WOW they look really, really similar in the bottles side by side, but I’ve learned that it doesn’t mean anything if they look similar in the bottles until the polish is swatched on the nails. So let’s take a look at each one individually.


PACIFIC BLUE by Sally Hansen (Original formula, discontinued)

This is a ONE-coater medium cobalt blue with a perfect dreamy formula. How do I put into words all of the deliciousness of this polish? We all wish every polish was this easy to apply, was this bright, pigmented, and creamy at the same time! :::Swoooon::: This was taken indoors under a high def lamp. Sadly, Sally Hansen discontinued this color and replaced it with a darker blue also named Pacific Blue which is no where near the same. I did a blog post comparing those two here.


This is a gorgeous cobalt blue creme. What an INCREDIBLE formula! WOW!! I am in love you guys!! This beauty was almost opaque in ONE COAT! Ahhhh my fave type of polish. It’s super pigmented and applied like a dream. This is 2 beautiful coats. Also, it did NOT stain ? YAY! This was taken outdoors under sunlight. Review of the entire collection is here.



So now… the moment of truth…. how do these look side by side? Here are the results:


I asked a handful of people, some polish knowledgeable and others not, if they could tell a difference and I got mixed responses. Some people could tell, some couldn’t. Here’s what I think: These are close enough to be DUPES. In person, in different lighting both indoors and out, I could not tell which was which. I swatch a lot of nail polish on a daily guys. A LOT! I can usually tell even when there is the slightest difference in the color. Lighting changes colors, photos don’t always capture the color accurately (as seen above in the individual swatch photos since one was taken indoors and the other outdoors), and to be honest the only way to tell 100% is to see it in person. What I’m saying is, in person these two are complete DUPES!!! So if in the side by side comparison photo above you can see a slight difference, it’s the lighting or the photo. In person, there’s no difference.

If you weren’t able to pick up a bottle of the original Pacific Blue by Sally Hansen, then I suggest you pick Porter Miami by KL Polish up because it is exactly the same. I’m so happy I finally have a polish that I can call a DUPE to Pacific Blue. I’m totally stocking up on this beauty!


You can purchase Porter Miami on the KL Polish site for $9.50 USD here. If you want to save money off your order, use my code POLISHEDPURSUIT612.

Are you a fan of Pacific Blue? Do you own the original formula? Have a great weekend loves!



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