DUPES?! Rose Gold Nails

How was everyone’s Christmas?!? Mine was amazing! I had a wonderful time with my family and it was truly a magical Christmas. I’m back today with another DUPES post! Let’s compare That’s What She Said by KL Polish vs. Meet Me at the Mirage by China Glaze vs. Penny Talks by essie.

Do these look alike? What do you think??? I think 2 of these are DUPES, but you can never be 100% sure until they are dried on then nail side by side. Let’s take a look at these one by one first.

That’s What She Said by KL Polish

This is a metallic rose gold. It’s the only one from the collection that is not a creme. This baby is a ONE coater!!! I would say the formulas just keep getting better and better. This one is very brushstrokey so try to do simple downward strokes. I really love this one because it has a mirrored effect.

Meet Me in the Mirage by China Glaze

I saved the BEST for last! This is a rose gold metallic. I love rose gold jewelry, so this one was an easy fave for me. It is a ONE-COATER, yes ONE coat and you’re done. The formula is fantastic and it goes on so smooth. This is my favorite one from the collection!

Penny Talk by essie

Penny Talk is a rose gold/copper metallic. It looks much lighter in the bottle but is actually darker when it goes on the nail. The formula is great! It’s opaque in 2 easy coats. You could technically leave it at 1 coat but I did 2 coats here.

Ok so these are all definitely in the same family of rose golds, but are they DUPES? Let’s look at them side by side:

WOW! Look at that! So Penny Talks by essie is a bit more gold toned than That’s What She Said by KL Polish which is more rose toned. They are both the exact same formula and one coaters! Meet Me in the Mirage is not a DUPE at all, it’s actually a glitter metallic not a clean metallic like the other two.

Price-wise here is the break-down:

KL Polish – $9.50

China Glaze – $7.00

essie – $9.00

You can purchase these beauties here:

KL Polish – here and use my code POLISHEDPURSUIT to get 10% off your order

China Glaze on Amazon here.

essie on Amazon here

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Did you expect this outcome? I didn’t! Do you own any of these rose gold beauties?

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