DUPES! Santorini vs. Pacific Blue vs. Baker Street vs. My Pal Joey

Hi everyone! I haven’t done a DUPES! post in a while, so today is going to be a big treat. Today let’s compare these gorgeous blue beauties:

Santorini by Cirque Colors vs. Pacific Blue by Sally Hansen vs. Baker Street by Nails Inc. vs. My Pal Joey by OPI

Baker Street by Nails Inc. | Nailpolishpursuit.com


Yesterday I was reading my friend Emily’s blog and saw her swatch on the gorgeous Rhapsody in Blue from the Metropolis Collection by Cirque Colors. Rhapsody in Blue is a re-release of Santorini (which I reviewed here) and in her swatch she added how this polish might be similar to Pacific Blue and Baker Street so BAM! This post was born. I was lucky enough to actually have these polishes to compare. Plus everyone is always trying to find a good DUPE of Pacific Blue so it was an easy post idea. So let’s take a look at each one individually first:

Santorini by Cirque Colors (re-released as Rhapsody in Blue)

This is a gorgeous medium cobalt blue. It is a bit watery and sheer, but it covers so nice and juicy on the second coat you will fall in love! Ahh this color reminds me of the beautiful blue rooftops in Santorini, Greece! This is 2 coats.

Santorini by Cirque Colors x Nordstrom from the Poolside Collection | Nailpolishpursuit.com


Pacific Blue by Sally Hansen (OG formula)

This is a ONE-coater medium cobalt blue with a perfect dreamy formula. How do I put into words all of the deliciousness of this polish? We all wish every polish was this easy to apply, was this bright, pigmented, and creamy at the same time! :::Swoooon:::

Pacific Blue {original formula} by Sally Hansen | Nailpolishpursuit.com


Baker Street by Nails Inc.

This is a deep cobalt blue with an amazing formula. It applies smooth as butter and is opaque in 2 coats with that gel-like finish. Gorgeous! This beauty has plasticiser technology and is enriched with conditioning rare flower extract which you can actually smell when you’re applying it!

Baker Street by Nails Inc. | Nailpolishpursuit.com


My Pal Joey by OPI

This is a true blue creme. WOW! The formula was excellent! It was smooth and creamy. I had no staining with removal. This is 2 coats. This polish is named after Hello Kitty’s friend mouse named Joey.

My Pal Joey from the Hello Kitty by OPI 2016 Collection | Nailpolishpursuit.com


Now let’s take a look at these beauties side by side:

DUPES comparison | Nailpolishpursuit.com

As you can see, Pacific Blue is still the brightest here. Boo, no DUPES for it here 🙁 Baker Street and Santorini are the closest DUPES. My Pal Joey is more of a medium blue and slightly different than the rest. These are all 2 coats with no top coat. Price-wise here is how they compare:

Santorini/Rhapsody in Blue: $13

Pacific Blue: Sadly, no longer available in stores but you can find it on eBay for about $10

Baker Street: $14

My Pal Joey: $8.50


Do you own any of these beauties? Which one is your favorite?

Stay strong in your Pursuit!