DUPES!? St. Clair vs. Amalfi Love

Happy FRI-YAY! Today is such a special Friday. I have lots going on!! It’s also the last Friday of the month. July here we come! Half the year is already gone. Is that crazy or what? Christmas is in less than 6 months!!! Wow. Ok well let’s enjoy the last six months left of this year. Today I have an awesome DUPES comparison for you guys!!! Thanks again to one of my followers (@dragjab on IG) who asked me how these two compare. Let’s take a look at Amalfi Love by Londontown vs. St. Clair by KL Polish.

These two look incredibly close side by side right?! I would almost say they are DUPES, but you can’t call DUPES until you swatch two polishes side by side and see what they look like on the nail. Let’s a take a look at each one.



This is a pastel periwinkle blue creme. Gorgeous color! I’m a sucker for periwinkles. This one had a great formula. Opaque in 2 easy peasy coats.



This is a beautiful periwinkle blue. Not a super unique shade but very beautiful and such a great formula!! This was 2.5 coats. I had to apply a 3rd coat to only a few nails. It was a little streaky but evens out so nicely. Just take a look at the result. Beautiful!


Now let’s take a look side by side:

WOW!!! Guys, this one is tough. They look so so so similar. I think the difference is so minuscule that we can call these practically DUPES. St. Clair is a hair lighter, like it has more white in it. So so so close. Both of them are so amazing and gorgeous. Formula-wise I would say St. Clair is a bit more pigmented and opaque quicker than Amalfi Love. Price-wise Londontown is $16 and KL Polish is $9.50 so there is a big difference there, but you are in luck because I have coupon codes for both of these to save you money in case you want to pick them up!

Londontown is the world’s most luxurious line of 9-FREE, non-toxic, nail lacquer that offers a complete pampering experience. Infused with Londontown’s proprietary family remedy of all natural botanical extracts, including Rapeseed, Chamomile, Garlic and Vitamin B7 that nourishes nails and encourages cell growth. Londontown is available at londontownusa.com or in stores at Neiman Marcus. Don’t forget to use my code POLISHEDPURSUIT if you buy online to save money off your order!

KL Polish is vegan, cruelty free, and 12-FREE. Each polish retails for $9.50 USD. You can purchase KL Polish here.  Don’t forget to use my discount code  POLISHEDPURSUIT612 for 10% off your order!


Which one of these do you prefer? Do you own either one? Have a great weekend loves!



FTC: These products were sent to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are always my own. Discount codes are affiliate codes.