DUPES! The battle of the Cobalt Blues

Hi everyone! I couldn’t wait to do this post because I know there are many curious polishers out there that are wondering if there is a DUPE for Vibrato by Chanel. I just recently purchased Vibrato which I reviewed here. I wanted to compare this shade to other cobalt blues I own in my collection. Let’s see how they did!

DUPES! Battle of the Cobalt Blues | Nailpolishpursuit.com

So meeting head to head in the Battle of the Cobalt Blues ring are (in order of price):

Vibrato by Chanel – $27

NYFW by Cirque – $13

Bright Night by Color Club – $8.50

Butler Please by essie – $8.50

Endless Blue by SinfulColors – $1.99


I did 2 coats of each color with no top coat. So let’s take a look at these beauties side by side:

DUPES! Battle of the Cobalt Blues | Nailpolishpursuit.com


Here we can see that Butler Please and Endless Blue are the lightest of the bunch. Butler Please dries matte. Endless blue has a great creamy formula.

NYFW is the darkest of the bunch and has a crelly-like formula.

The two closest in color are Bright Night and Vibrato. They are identical. However, Bright Night has a better formula. It is creamy and opaque practically in 1 coat. Vibrato is a bit more sheer and the Chanel brush is not my favorite.

Also, I didn’t include it here because I wanted to do the comparisons on just one hand, but if you’re wondering how Pacific Blue {OG} compares to these, it’s much lighter and brighter than all of them so it’s definitely not a dupe. Here’s a swatch of Pacific Blue.

Pacific Blue {original formula} by Sally Hansen | Nailpolishpursuit.com


So if you’re going to pick 1 out of this bunch, I would pick Bright Night. It’s the perfect cobalt blue, excellent formula, and it has a mid-price point. Endless Blue is also an excellent choice with a great formula so you definitely get more bang for your buck!

Do you own any of these polishes? Which one is your favorite?

Stay strong in your Pursuit!