DUPES? Tinsel Town vs. Tinsel Time

Hi loves! Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Mine was spent with my hubby, my parents, and my sister with her family. My niece and nephew were so excited to open gifts and Christmas with small kids is just the best. It’s so much more magical!

Today, I’m comparing two polishes that even have similar names!!!! They both launched during the holidays. This is Tinsel Town by China Glaze vs. Tinsel Time by Lights Lacquer.

Do these look alike? Side by side I would say YES! Tinsel Time looks a bit more gun metal-y to me, but let’s take a look at them on the nail side by side.

Ok so these are basically DUPES. The only teeny tiny difference is that Tinsel Time has a little bit more gunmetal tint to it, but in person it is NOT noticeable. You can’t even tell there is a difference. I uploaded a video on my Instagram stories, so you can check it out there to see these in real life.

Tinsel Town is from the Jollywood collection which you can see here.

Tinsel Time is from the Lights Lacquer Advent calendar.

I topped these off using Seche Vite top coat which you can get here.

Did you pick either one of these up during the holidays? Let me know what DUPES you want me to do next!

FTC: These polishes were sent to me as PR. Some links are Amazon Associate Links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.