Easter Bunny Nails

Happy Easter loves! It’s definitely a very different Easter than any other year I’ve experienced. I am grateful however that I am healthy and my family is healthy as well. I do miss my niece and nephew so much though! I wish I could have seen them today and spent this holiday with my family.

Soon enough things will slowly go back to normal. I decided to do some fun Easter nails today.

I used these gorgeous pastel polishes all from OPI! From left to right they are:

Small + Cute = Heart, Towel Me About It, It’s a Boy, and Polly Want a Lacquer?

Sadly, I didn’t have an Easter stamping plate, but I did find this stamping plate No. 04 “Alice” from the Wonderland Plate Collection by MoYou London that had cute bunnies so I thought it would be perfect! It’s only $4.99 USD and you can get it here.

Cute right? So first step was to do the base for my stamping. I painted each nail a different color and created what we call a “Skittle Mani” in the nail world. It’s basically just a multi-colored mani like this one.

I’d say it came out super cute and I could have just left it as is and called this guy my Easter mani. But I really wanted to add the bunnies. So I took my go-to white polish, French Tip by Color Club (which you can purchase here) and used it as my stamping polish.

I use a mini lint roller to take out the parts of the stamp I don’t want or need and it’s so great because I really customized my mani. This is how it turned out:

I topped it off with Seche Vite top coat which you can purchase here. Best part was NO SMEARING! The trick is to let it dry for long enough so that when you apply your top coat, it doesn’t smear your art. Also slightly glide the top coat over the nail, barely touching it so that it’s not a rough application.

I love the way it turned out! So cute and festive right?

Hoppy Easter!

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