Essie Fall 2014 Collection

Hello Pretty Polishers! I just purchased the beautiful Essie Fall 2014 Dress to Kilt Collection and I can’t wait to try all these gorgeous colors on! I love Fall and all of the colors that come with it. I also have most of the Essie Fall 2013 collection, so I wanted to do a comparison on both.

Here is the new Essie Fall 2014 Collection – From left to right:

Partner in Crime, The Perfect Cover Up, Fall in Line, Style Cartel, Dress to Kilt, and Take it Outside

image photoand here is part of last year’s Essie Fall 2013 collection – from left to right:

Twin Sweater Set, Vested Interest, For the Twill of It, Cashmere Bathrobe

photo (1)Missing from this collection is The Lace is On and After School Boy Blazer. I didn’t like those colors as much as the rest so I opted out on those. As you can already see, there are some very similar colors in both collections.

Vested Interest and Fall in Line are very similar side to side. Almost dupes! So let’s see how they look on the nail. I will try these side by side soon. If you look closely in the background of these two is a little friend of mine that decided to join in on the shoot – Mister Duck 🙂

photo (2)The two reds also look very similar side by side, but you can see a slight difference. Twin Sweater Set is a tad bit darker and more red than Dress to Kilt. Can’t wait to compare!

photo (3)Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Stay strong in your Pursuit 🙂

All photos were taken outdoors