essie FIJI – Color of the month

Hi loves! Hope you’re having a great week. I’m looking forward to the long Memorial Day weekend here in the US. Today I have for you the essie Color of the MonthFiji


I had actually reviewed + posted this polish long ago on my blog, on Sept 24, 2015 to be precise. So when essie announced their May 2018 Color of the Month I was already a step ahead of them! Here is my review and repost from a few years ago on FIJI (but with new present-day swatches):


Hi pretty polishers! Are you liking these “Classics” posts? I am very much enjoying them because I get to research the history behind these classic shades! I love learning fun facts and sharing them with you. Today I’m sharing an essie classic: Fiji.

Fiji is a thick baby pink creme. It goes on streaky and patchy on the 1st coat. It pretty much evens out in 2.5 coats because some nails required a 3rd coat to reach full opacity like my pointer finger. This polish doesn’t have the best formula but the result is so pretty & chic it’s worth the trouble!

My history research on this polish found that the formula was changed on this. Dang, they pulled a Sally Hansen Pacific Blue on us! The color used to be a lot lighter and sometime after 2013, essie changed it to a darker pink. I really love this new color a lot, so it’s not quite the way Pacific Blue ended. I haven’t seen the old Fiji but this one is just fine with me. The only downside to this polish is the annoying formula but it’s very elegant!

You can purchase FIJI on Amazon here. It is also sold at Target, Sally Beauty, and local beauty supply stores.

Essie Cosmetics is owned by L’Oréal. The brand has over 250 shades in the permanent collection, plus releases four seasonal color collections and two specialty collections every year. Essie is 3 FREE and sold in drug stores, salons, and beauty supply stores world wide.

Have you tried this essie classic? What is your favorite essie classic shade? To check out the other essie color of the month polishes click here.


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