essie Gorgeous Geodes Collection

Hi loves! The second I laid eyes on this amazing collection I knew I had to have it! I almost could not believe this was a collection created by essie! WOW these holos are incredible. I am beyond happy to show them to you today!

These are limited edition so they might still be available on Amazon or essie’s website.

Let’s take a look at each one.


This is a silver holo that is out of this world. WOW! WOW! WOW! I am blown away with this creation by essie!!! Here is 2 easy coats.

This polish is sooo incredible. I still can’t believe essie created a color like this. I’m so happy!!!


This is a champagne gold holo. This beauty had a good formula. I did 2 coats here. For an extra glow, add a 3rd coat.

Delicious. Just stunning.


This is a sandy nude holo. Perfection. So delicate. This is 2 perfect coats.

It has tiny hints of pink/copper in the sun. I’m obsessed.


This is a copper/rose/coral holo. How did they think of these? I just can’t get enough. Here is 2 coats.

This stunner is the name sake of the collection. It’s perfect.


This is a mauve holo. It also looks kind of chocolately. Either way it’s delicious and here are 2 coats.

Yum! Am I allowed to eat these polishes? LOL I know I can’t but I want to. Better yet, I want to bathe in them!


This is a grey/charcoal holo. The last of these beauties doesn’t disappoint. All perfect formulas, all amazing holos, what more could I ask for? This is 2 coats.

I want them to create more colors in this same formula. Who is with me?

How amazing are these beauties? I can’t take my eyes off them. I’m so happy essie created this collection and I will forever cherish it in my collection.

If you want to see how these apply, check out my live swatch video here:

I topped all of my swatches off with essie gel setter which you can get on Amazon here.

This collection is available on Amazon here.

Which one was your fave? I couldn’t pick just one. they are all so stunning. Rock your World was extra gorgeous, so if I HAD to pick one, that would be it.

FTC: These polishes were sent to me as PR. Opinions are always my own. Some links are Amazon Associate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.