essie Mercury in Retrograde Duo exclusive to ULTA | Swatches + Review

Hi loves! Today I’m sharing with you all a super hyped duo set sold exclusively online at ULTA. This is the Mercury in Retrograde Duo by essie.

If you have no clue what Mercury in Retrograde is, I’ll give you the cliff notes version. It’s basically when Mercury is orbiting the sun which happens 3 times a year, much faster than the time it takes for Planet Earth to orbit the sun. People tend to blame things going wrong on Mercury in Retrograde. Like for example when a flight is delayed or friends get into arguments, stuff like that. Retrograde starts on July 26 and ends August 19 which also happens to be the dates when these polishes will be available! Let’s take a look at them.



This is a blue and purple shimmer topper in a blackened greyish base. The formula on this is extremely sheer, so it’s not as pretty on its own. I did 3 coats here thinking it would eventually get opaque, but nope it doesn’t.

It’s almost much prettier with just 1 coat on it’s own to give your nails a glittery look.

I couldn’t just leave this polish on it’s own of course. So I had to try it over black polish. I’m using essie’s Licorice as a base.

This is stunning! 1 coat of Keep Calm over Licorice! So beautiful. I feel like it looks so much nicer this way!! This is in direct sunglight

My favorite is this beauty outdoors under shade. WOW!


It does shift from purple to blue. How crazy is it that this polish can look so different over black right?!

I also wanted to see what this guy would look like over a white polish. I used essie’s Blanc.

Pretty! I like, I like. It reminds me of mosaic glass.

It glows outdoors under shade. So stunning!

I prefer this polish over black, but it does look really nice over white. Which way do you like it best?



This is a purple base filled with blue + purple glitter. The formula was a bit patchy. I did 3 coats here.

This one is actually really similar to 1 coat of Keep Calm over Licorice. Side by side the only real difference is And Mercury On is a bit more vibrant and cobalt blue.

Out doors under shade it has that same shifty beauty that Keep Calm does. It goes from purple to blue. Beautiful!


I have a live swatch + review video of these up on my YouTube channel that you can watch here:

These are currently out of stock but once they re-stock will only be available here. They are also Limited Edition and only sold in the US. I purchased them a week ago when they first launched on I’m glad I was able to get them!

I topped all of my swatches with Seche Vite, which I purchased here.

Essie Cosmetics is owned by L’Oréal. The brand has over 250 shades in the permanent collection, plus releases four seasonal color collections and two specialty collections every year. Essie is 3 FREE and sold in drug stores, salons, and beauty supply stores world wide.

Which one is your favorite? Will you be picking these up?