essie Spring 2018 Collection | Swatches + Review

A Spring Collection? YES, you read correctly, a Spring Collection! I was not able to get my hands on this beautiful set until recently so I am swatching these for you guys now. Sometimes I feel like there is so much pressure to get seasonal reviews up so fast and so quick, it’s a bit stressful sometimes. I try not to let these pressures get to me and I post when I can because after all, this is a passion of mine and a hobby and I don’t want it to turn into something stressful. This collection is GORGEOUS you guys!! No matter what season it is. And the crazy part is that most of these actually look like FALL colors to me, not really your typical Spring-ish. So let’s take a look at the essie Spring 2018 Collection.


It’s a nautical theme, which I adore! The names are all based on a sailing trip down the coast. How cute! Let’s take a look at each one.



This is a pearlized nud-ish grey-ish off white. Eeek!!! And that’s a bad Eeek, not an Eeek full of excitement. Ok So I’m not a fan. I really really dislike pearlized shimmer. So this one is streaky, and patchy. It’s ok in 2 coats, but I did 3 coats. It won’t be completely opaque but that’s on purpose, just how this polish is formulated. I don’t like the finish on this one. Not my fave.


This is such a cool color… it’s a pink/apricot/coral creme. Soooo pretty! It actually looks a little orangey too depending on the light. This was lovely and delicious. Opaque in 2 easy coats. LOVE!


This is a dusty pumpkin spice orange. WOW! Ok so this color is PERFECT for Fall. It’s amazingly pigmented and yummy! 2 easy peasy coats of buttery smoothness here.


This is a grey-ish sage green creme. YUM!!! This color is great for both Spring and Fall. It’s that perfect transitional shade. So beautiful and so so SO incredibly pigmented. It was almost a 1 coater. I did 2 here. In love with this baby.


This is a turquoise/teal creme. Holy mother of one coaters!!!! This one is perfection. ONE COAT and you’re good to go. So pigmented and perfect. I wore this polish for an entire day and when I removed it I had a tiny bit of staining on some of my cuticles. If your nails stain easily, double up on the base coat for this one. My nails don’t stain easily, but I can see how this baby can be a stainer. It really all depends on your nails!


This is a grey stone blue creme. Another ONE coat magical beauty!! WOW!! I’m super impressed with this collection! This one is another color that is perfect for Fall. It’s a wonderful transitional color.


My favorites were At the Helm, Bon Boy-age, and Stripes & Sails. So many good ones here!! Although this is technically a Spring Collection, many of these colors can be used right now in the Fall if you’re in the US. If you’re in Australia then these are great to transition from Winter to Spring! This collection can be purchased on Amazon individually here by clicking on each name: Passport to Sail, Perfect Mate, At the Helm, Bon Boy-Age, Stripes & Sails, Anchor Down.

Essie Cosmetics is owned by L’Oréal. The brand has over 250 shades in the permanent collection, plus releases four seasonal color collections and two specialty collections every year. Essie is 3 FREE and sold in drug stores, salons, and beauty supply stores world wide.


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Have you tried any of these? The good part about me posting this at the end of Summer is that most of these are already on sale! Which one was your favorite?


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