essie Sunset Soiree 2020 Collection

Hi polish lovers! Today we are taking a look at the gorge Coastal Couture Collection by the essie gel couture line. These are NOT gel polishes, they are regular, normal polishes. They are just formulated to last longer than regular polish, that is the main difference.

Let’s take a look at each one.


This is milky white with iridescent shimmer. Formula is a bit patchy and not self-leveling. I did 4 full coats in order to see opacity and leveling of the polish. Not a fan of the formula.

The only gorgeous thing about this polish is the iridescent shimmer. So pretty!!

You can purchase this polish here.


This is a pastel buttercup yellow creme. After 2 coats I still saw some patchiness, so I did a 3rd coat. This color is so pretty! I really love it actually. It has the perfect touch of yellow in it!

You can purchase this polish here.


This is a camel nude creme. Soooo pretty!!! This one is super elegant and chic! The formula was nice. I ended up doing 3 coats, just because I wanted it completely opaque and even and I didn’t see that on all my nails after 2 coats.

You can purchase this polish here.


This is a rose pink creme. Gorgeous!!! Now we are talking! I love this color. The formula is great! 2 easy coats, opaque, pinky and beautiful!

You can purchase this polish here.


The namesake of the collection, this is a coral pink creme and I’m here for it!!! Amazing formula! YUMMMYYY! Almost a one coater, applies buttery and smooth. I did 2 coats. My camera freaked out a bit with this one. Even though it might look more orange-toned here, it’s a true coral/pink in person.

You can purchase this polish here.


This is a berry creme. Incredible formula, super pigmented and is opaque in almost 1 coat. I loved this color! It really puts me in the mood for fall.

You can purchase this polish here.

This collection started off a bit mehhh but then impressed me sooo much! The last 4 polishes were perfection! Great formulas and colors.

My fave from the bunch was Sunset Soiree. I’m a sucker for corals, so this was an easy choice! Which one was your fave?

I topped all of my swatches off with my favorite top coat – Seche Vite, which you can get on Amazon here.

FTC: These polishes were sent to me as PR. Links are Amazon Associate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.