essie Valentine’s Day 2020 Collection (partial)

Hey guys! I know you’re thinking… Valentine’s Day? In June?? What on earth. Well guys, I have tons of collections from this year and even last year that went unswatched and I am determined to go through them. So you will be seeing lots of older collections (new ones as well) in the next couple weeks. I really really REEEEAAALY want to just feel caught up with swatching. My nail polish bloggers can relate.

I honestly wear different colors year-round so even though Valentine’s Day was in February, these polishes can be worn any day of the year. Plus, these are probably on mega clearance or showing up at TJ Maxx and Marshalls which is always a bargain.

Okay, so today we are going to look at a few pretties from the Valentine’s Day 2020 Collection. Essie was gracious enough to send me a few of them, not the whole collection, but I am happy with the 4 they sent. Let’s take a look.


This is a gorgeous flamingo pink creme. This baby could very well be a perfect summer shade. This one had a super thick formula, which I love. Delicious + juicy. 2 easy coats.


This is a wine burgundy creme. I’ll be honest, whenever I see polishes like these I’m always hesitant to swatch them because they tend to be difficult to swatch. This one was a breeze. It wasn’t streaky, messy, or patchy. Thank goodness! It was pigmented and opaque in 2 easy coats.


This is a vibrant red metallic. WOW oh wow! This one is super vibrant, it glows, and looks so fiery. Love it. Perfect for V-day or Xmas. I would wear it any day I’m feeling sassy.

I’m usually not into metallics, but when they are super vibrant like this one, I’m all in.


This is a vibrant violet metallic. Amazing pigment, again! This one was opaque in 1 easy peasy coat. Perfection!

Another vibrant stunner. Gorgeous!!

Alright guys, just as I suspected, these beauties are on sale and can be purchased on Amazon here.

I topped all of my swatches off with essie’s gel setter top coat, which I LOVE, and you can get it on Amazon here.

Which one of these was your fave? Mine was Talk Sweet To Me!

Have a great Father’s Day to those celebrating, or a great rest of your weekend.

FTC: These polishes were sent to me as PR. Links are Amazon Associate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.