essie Winter 2017 Collection

Hi loves! Christmas is fast approaching!! Have you finished your Christmas shopping? I have not so I need to get it together. But first, let’s take a look at the gorgeous Winter 2017 Collection by essie.


These beauties were inspired by New Year’s Eve festivities! Not very typical Winter shades, but I like the change in atmosphere. Let’s check them out.



This is a bright crimson red creme. Lovely formula! Not entirely unique of course, but this is such a beauty!! If you don’t own anything like it, I highly recommend because it has such a great formula. Super pigmented. This is 2 coats.


This is a sandy beige nude creme. Almost opaque in 1 coat. I did find a few patches here and there so I did 2 coats for full opacity. I’m not entirely crazy about this color on my medium skin tone. I feel like this would look amazing on a more fair skin tone.


This is a deep pigmented oxford blue creme. Soo soo soooo pigmented! It was almost opaque in 1 coat, but I did 2 here.


This is a berry magenta purple creme. Delicious! Super pigmented as well and buttery smooth. I did 2 coats here. It’s just so yummy!


This is a slate grey with amber iridescent shimmer. It’s a little water on the first coat, but covers perfectly in 2 coast. I love this super different polish for essie! I don’t have anything else like it!

This gorgeous fiery amber shimmer is amazing!!


This is a ruby red metallic shimmer. Also watery on the first coat, but covers amazing in 2 coats. So Christmas-y and gorgeous!

The shimmer stands out so perfectly! Love it!


Check out my live swatch + review video on my YouTube channel here:


Essie Cosmetics is owned by L’Oréal. The brand has over 250 shades in the permanent collection, plus releases four seasonal color collections and two specialty collections every year. Essie is 3 FREE and sold in drug stores, salons, and beauty supply stores world wide.


My favorites are Social-Lights and New Year, New Hue! Which one was your favorite? Hope you get your Christmas shopping done soon 🙂