Fiery February: Reddy or Not by Color Club

Happy Friday everyone! This has been an extremely long and challenging past two weeks, but we have made it through! There is currently a lot going on in the world as well as in life in general. At times these events can be feel overwhelming, seem unfair, and not make any sense. We just have to trust that everything will be ok and things will get better. Stay positive and always see the good in things as hard as that may seem. I love sharing polish swatches with you guys as a my passion and hobby. This makes me happy. Your comments make me happy. Your support makes me happy. And in a way, it is my escape from reality to a perfect world. So today, I’m sharing another beautifully perfect polish for my Fiery February series which is soon coming to a close. Let’s take a look at Reddy or Not by Color Club.

What a stunner! Reddy or Not is a super yummy and delicious crimson red that is almost opaque in 1 coat. The formula is thick but very manageable.

This baby is perfect in 2 coats. Such a perfect red for any occasion. Love it!


Color Club is made in the US and is vegan friendly. They are also never tested on animals. I purchased these at my local beauty supply store but I have also seen them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Most recently I have seen them start popping up at Walmart! You can also purchase Color Club on their site for $8.50 USD.

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Hope you guys have a fun and relaxing weekend. I’ll be posting more Fiery February polishes so stay tuned 🙂