Glittery Quatrefoil Nail Art: Guest post on the Procrastinating Polishr

Hello my Pretty Polishers! WOW I’m finally back!!! I have missed you guys so much 🙂 It’s been a while (almost a month to be exact) since my last post. Way too long in my opinion and I was starting to feel severe withdrawal symptoms from my lack of blogging like if I was missing a body part or something. I recently moved and that has taken up my entire time, energy, and headspace. I had a few setbacks but luckily things are starting to fall into place. Moving sucks, right?!? Anyway my loves, today I’ve got a super fun and glittery post for you guys over at my friend Jae’s blog.

To learn all about how to make these Glittery Quatrefoil nails click here.

Glittery Moroccan Nail Art |


I’ll be back very soon with swatches, new collections, DUPES, Classic polish posts and more! Have a happy Thursday everyone!

Stay strong in your Pursuit!