Happy 4th of July Mani

We are celebrating our Independence Day in the USA today!!! I’m celebrating in a few different way starting with my mani of the day. I used all KL Polishes to create my 4th of July nails.

From left to right these are Magic City, Paper Snow, and Porter Miami. Guys, KL Polish has 4th of July bundles on sale today!! Check them out here. They are a great deal at $22.95 for 3 polishes! You can also use my discount code POLISHEDPURSUIT612 and save yourself an additional 10% off! Ok guys, so here is how I created this mani:


First, I painted my pinky and pointer with 2 coats of Paper Snow, my middle with 2 coats of Porter Miami and my ring with 2 coats of Magic City.

Then I added these nail vinyls on my fingers. The stripes are from Vinyl Boutique and the stars are from Nail Vinyls.

Then I added Magic City to my ring finger, Paper Snow to my middle and ring, and Porter Miami to my pinky. Then I removed the stencil, waited a few minutes for everything to fully dry and added a glossy top coat. I use Seche Vite which I got on Amazon here. Oh by the way, did you guys know I have an Amazon page with all of my fave nail care items? If you’re curious what cuticle oil, base coat, and other nail care products I use, check out my page here.

So that’s it guys! Hope you guys like this 4th of July mani!

I’m also celebrating today using these gorgeous washi rolls from this week’s planner spread. I purchased these at Michaels.

I uploaded a Plan with Me video earlier this week which was 4th of July themed and if you missed it, you can check it out here:

Then I was just having some fun with my Pringles and took this shot outdoors. Who doesn’t love Pringles?! And how cool that my nails match the can perfectly! I didn’t even realize it until I grabbed these for a snack. Pringles are one of my fave chips!!!


Hope everyone that is in the US and celebrating has a happy and safe Fourth of July!


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