Happy Easter Egg Nails!

The Easter Beagle is here! Ha! Who remembers the classic Snoopy Easter special, “It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown”? I LOVE Snoopy, and the Easter special is one of my faves.



Hope everyone is having a great Sunday. Here in the US, some of us are celebrating Easter with family, friends, eggs, and peeps of course. I loooove peeps! YUM! So I decided to do some simple Easter egg nail art. I wanted to do peeps nail art, but that’s on a higher nail art level than me. Maybe I’ll try next year!

So onto my Easter Egg Nails! I used the entire ZOYA Spring 2015 Delight Collection. I posted a review on these last week. Click here to see my review! I’m in love with these beauties. Such gorgeous Spring colors! I was inspired by Gabby’s Nail Art. She’s a 17 year old nail art wizard! Her designs are all so gorgeous and cute. Girl, you’ve got skills! 🙂 Make sure to check out her Instagram page.


Easter Egg Nails by Nail Polish Pursuit

Gabby made these nails look SO easy, but to be honest I had a little difficulty doing the lines of the egg on my nails. Maybe it was my nail art brush?? She used a toothpick! Yes, a toothpick for crying out loud!!! I seriously tried using a toothpick and failed miserably. I have to practice. My nail art brushes are great, I just think they might be too thick. I might need to cut them down a bit. Ok, so now onto how I created these.

Easter Egg Nails by Nail Polish Pursuit


  • Pastel nail polish colors
  • Nail art brush or toothpick
  • Dotting Tool
  • Fast dry top coat


1. Paint each of your nails a different color using pastel colors. I used the ZOYA Delight collection.

2. Use a nail art brush (or toothpick for the very skilled) and add lines in different shapes and different colors on each nail

3. Use a dotting tool to add dots in between the lines on each nail. Also interchange the colors so they all mix.

4. Top everything off with your favorite fast drying top coat. I used HK Girl top coat.

And your Easter Egg nails are done! 🙂

Easter Egg Nails by Nail Polish Pursuit

Easter Egg Nails by Nail Polish Pursuit


Hope you guys liked these and try to re-create your own. If you do try, and post them on Instagram, use the hashtag #looknailpolishpursuit so I can see your gorgeous nails!

Have a great Sunday fun day and Happy Easter to those celebrating! 🙂

Stay strong in your Pursuit!