Hazy Daydreams

TGIF Pretty Polishers! Who has been day dreaming about the weekend? I started on Monday and have been daydreaming every day of the week about Friday! Today I am sharing a color that is breathtaking… if daydreaming was a color, this would be it! It’s so dreamy and sparkly and gorgeous! Hazel by Zoya is a silver/baby blue metallic with copper flecks of shimmer. What a beautiful combo! This shade just screams “float me up to cloud 9”; it is so amazing 🙂 This color is from last year’s Irresistible Collection that was launched in summer 2013. Zoya is definitely one of my favorite brands and this color tops the list!

For these photos I used two coats and top coat outdoors under natural sunlight. I also added some photos under shade, where the color looks more like an icy blue. Both are beautiful!!!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Stay strong in your Pursuit!

Hazel Hazel HazelHazelHazelHazel