H&M Beauty: Space Race

Hi Pretty Polishers! The other day I went to H&M and bought a ton of new polishes I found from their new beauty section. I was hardly able to contain my excitement when I found Space Race! I had been coveting this beauty ever since I saw it on the H&M website, but it was always out of stock, it’s actually currently still out of stock. I had never been able to find it in stores. Well, on this fateful day I saw this little guy sitting there in the polish section and I squealed a bit! To make matters even better there were 2 bottles AND the polishes were buy 2 get 1 FREE! So basically, it was perfect! I bought a few other lovelies. Today, let’s take a look at this stunning beauty.

Space Race by H&M | Nailpolishpursuit.com


Space Race is a phenomenal silver linear holographic. It has a fantastic formula. It’s a bit frosty on the 1st coat and then covers completely in 2 coats. It’s simply delicious.

Space Race by H&M | Nailpolishpursuit.com

Are you blinded by the beauty yet? This polish truly shines in direct sunlight and under shade it’s a bit more dull. You will need a glossy top coat to make it sparkle. I felt like Space Race needed his own post because of his stunning beauty. I have been incredibly happy with H&M polish because I feel like they have great formulas and colors.

Space Race by H&M | Nailpolishpursuit.com


H&M nail polish retails at $5.99 USD each and is available online or in stores.

Have you tried H&M polish? I will be doing a review on the others I purchased soon.

Stay strong in your Pursuit!