H&M Spring Nail Polish

Hey loves! The weather in Miami is finally starting to feel like Spring/Summer. It’s perfect. So, I am completely obsessed with H&M polish!!! Here are a few polishes I picked up recently at my local H&M.

H&M launched an entire line of beauty products in late 2015, included in this launch was an entirely new line of nail polish. I posted my first H&M nail polish haul here. Ever since then I have been in love with their polish. I had to pick up a few beauties for Spring so let’s take a look at each one.



This is a beige creme with a drop of grey. So incredibly pigmented which is rare for a polish of this tone. Usually they are streaky and patchy but nope, not this one. It’s perfection in 2 coats.



This is a delicious light peach creme. It was a tiny patchy on the first coat. I ended up doing 2.5 coats of this polish because I had a teeny bit of streaks on some nails after 2 coats and since I’m so anal about polish being even, I added a third coat to my pointer and ring fingers. It was all worth it because this is the result!



This is a mustard honey dijon yellow. OH MY GOIYD!!! I’m drooling. This is SUCH a cool color! It has a thin formula and is so easy to apply. Pigmented, different, and just lovely! Opaque in 2 coats.



This is a muddy, baby poop olive green creme. Umm… what was I thinking? I don’t like the way this looks with my skin tone. I’m sure it would look better on someone that has more fair skin tone. Eeekkk! However, it has a great formula and is super pigmented at 2 coats but I think it looks like peas baby food by Gerber. Mehhh.



This is a beautiful aqua mint creme. Excellent pigmentation! Perfect in 2 coats, perfect for Spring, perfect for me!!!



This is a yummy shamrock kelly green creme. It was almost opaque in one coat. Phenomenal formula. This is two lovely coats.



This is a greyish blue creme. Thin formula, super easy to apply. I love when polishes have a drop of grey in them because it makes them look dusty and gorgeous!



This is a greyish mauvey purple creme. Super pigmented and awesome formula once again. Opaque in 2 easy coats!


H&M nail polish is made in the US. They retail for $5.99 each USD. If your local H&M doesn’t have a beauty section, you can purchase their nail polish online here.

Check out my YouTube live swatch and review video on these polishes here:


My favorites were Peachy Keen, Cream Saffron, and Make a Mint. Which one of these was your favorite? Have you tried H&M nail polish?