Holly Leaves: ZOYA PixieDust & Acrylic paint

Hi Lacquered Lovelies! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve 🙂 I’m looking forward to a little time off.

Today I am sharing my first mani done with acrylic paint! I noticed many of the nail bloggers I follow used acrylic paint for their designs, so while I was at Michael’s Art & Craft store the other day, I purchased this essentials Acrylic paint pot set. I also bought a tiny Spotter paint brush that is good for making small designs on the nails.

paintpotsWhen I sat down to create this Holly leaves mani I realized this starter paint pot set had all of the colors I needed to make the Holly leaves! Here are the steps I took to create this look:

1. I painted all of my nails white using Alpine Snow by OPI except my accent nail. Then I added a coat of HK girl top coat and gave it a few minutes until they were fully dry.

2. While I waited for those nails to dry, I added the gorgeous sparkly London by ZOYA PixieDust. Two coats and then I moved on to make my Holly leaves.

3. I dipped a large dotting tool into the red paint pot and made three dots on the end of my nail to make the Holly berries. They came out perfect and dried quickly!

4. I dipped my Spotting brush into the greet paint pot and made a line coming out of berries to create the leaves. I was amazed at how easy and smooth the acrylic paint glided on the nail. No wonder all of these girls use acrylic paint! These paint pots were my new best friend.

5. Then I took a bit of the ZOYA PixieDust London and added lines inside the leaves to make them sparkle.

6. I added HK Girl top coat to everything and voila! Cute Holly leaves! 🙂

Using acrylic paint is so easy and SOO much quicker than using nail polish. The paint pots are also very convenient to use because they come in these small paint pots that have a top you can flip open and leave open while you paint. I really enjoyed this and I will definitely be using paint pots for nail art from now on! Hope you like this mani and thanks for stopping by!

Stay strong in your Pursuit! 2 days till Christmas!!!

These photos were taken indoors under a lamp.

Holly Leaves by Nail Polish Pursuit Holly Leaves by Nail Polish Pursuit Holly Leaves by Nail Polish Pursuit