How to Remove White Marks on Toe Nails

Hi everyone! How is your week going? So today I’m heading over to my toe nails to share a personal experience and hopefully help you with some tips in case this happens to you. I know some of you might be grossed out by feet/toes so if you are sensitive to feet, you might not wanna keep reading. If feet don’t bother you, then let’s go!

As most of you know I paint my finger nails A LOT! I’m a nail blogger, so of course this is completely normal for me. My toe nails however, don’t get the same love as my finger nails do. Have you ever removed your polish and found white marks on your toes like these? YUCK! Well here’s one way to get rid of those pesky white marks!

White marks appear on nails usually because the nail polish is left on for too long, but it’s not limited to just that. It can be caused by many different factors including: wearing nail polish for too long (over 3 weeks), wearing closed tight shoes (which I do for work on a daily basis), or it can simply be a cause of nutrition deficiencies such as lack of calcium in your diet. There are a bazillion articles on why this happens. However, don’t fret, I have found a simple solution! I just want to add that I’m not a nail tech or doctor, this is just what works for me so it can possibly work for you too.

I change my finger nail polish about every 2-3 days. I never leave my nail polish on longer than 5 days. If I do, I’m sick or on vacation. My toe nails are a whole other ballgame though. I usually give myself a pedicure and leave it on for about a month to a month and a half. I know, I know, toooo long but it doesn’t bother me. On this particular occasion I removed my nail polish to find tons of white spots on my big toe. All my other toe nails were fine except my big toe. So I knew I had to do something to get those nasty spots off.

This was how I got rid of them. I cut my toe nails square, filed them, and then grabbed a large buffer like one of these:

You can get these on Amazon, a local beauty supply store, Target, Walmart, or most drugstores. I got mine here.

I used the buffer and buffed my big toe nail on top until it was smooth and clean. No more white spots. It’s that simple! I then added a ton of cuticle oil (I used California Mango oil which I got here) and let my toe nails drink it up. After a few minutes I applied a base coat (I used essie first base which I got here) and Voilá! All done! Here is the before/after:

Buffing your nails might make them weak and thin, but since the white spots were on my toe nails which are much thicker and stronger than my finger nails, this was not an issue. You can always apply a good nail strengthener to your toes. I use this all the time on my nails and it works wonders. My preferred strengthener is Nail Envy by OPI which I purchased here. It’s a little pricy, but worth it! I see a huge difference in my nails when I apply it regularly.

Curious to see what other nail care products I use? Check out my favorites here.

I hope my tips helped you get rid of white spots on your toes. You can always cover them up with more nail polish and the white spots will eventually grow out. But if you’re like me and want them gone right away, buffing them is a good and simple solution!

Have you ever had white spots on your nails? Did this technique work for you?

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