Indian & Pilgrim Turkeys

Hi Pretty Polishers! Who is ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow? I’m so ready to enjoy the food and festivities and the day off 🙂 Can’t wait!

My nails are also ready and polished for Turkey Day! I decided to create some cute nail art for the special occasion. I did an Indian and Pilgrim Turkey design. To create this look I used the following polishes:

China Glaze The Giver Collection – Boundary of Memory

Essie – Hot Coco, Style Cartel,and Roarrrrange

Zoya – Rue, America

Butter London – Sozzled

OPI – Good Grief!, Who Are You Calling Bossy?!?, and Alpine Snow

So now that you know the polishes, here is how I used each one to create the turkey couple. I also used a thin nail art brush and dotting tools in medium and small sizes.

Pointer – Boundary of Memory by China Glaze The Giver Collection. This polish is amazing! It’s a one-coater, but I added a second because I love the glittery goodness!

Middle – Indian Turkey – First I applied Hot Coco as the base of the nail. Then to create the turkey’s face I added Style Cartel. Next is the Headdress. I used Rue for the Headdress band and to create the feathers I used America (red), Good Grief! (yellow), and Sozzled (green). For the Turkey’s beak I used Roarrrrange and made a triangle shape.And finally for the eyes I used Alpine snow and Who Are You Calling Bossy for the tiny dot in the eye. Seal it all with HK Girl top coat.

Ring – Pilgrim Turkey – First I applied Hot Coco as the base of the nail. Then I repeated the same step as the middle finger and used Style Cartel to create the turkey’s face. Next is the pilgrim’s hat! I used Who Are you Calling Bossy?!? and with the polish brush I made two sideways sweeps one longer than the other to create the bottom of the hat and one smaller to create the top of the hat. Then I used Alpine Snow to make a line in the middle of the hat. I repeated the same steps to create the turkey’s beak and eyes.

Pinky – I did a cute dotticure here! I used Hot Coco as the base of the nail and then applied all of the different colors I used to create the Turkey nails to add dots in different sizes.

My inspiration came from a pic I saw on Instagram. There are so many inspiring Thanksgiving nail pics all over social media! Hope you enjoyed mine and re-create your own!

Stay strong in your Pursuit!

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