Je Suis Charlie

Bonjour Pretty Polishers! Most of you are probably aware of the horrible terrorist shootings that happened in Paris on January 7th earlier this month. The attacks were against cartoonists of the magazine Charlie Hebdo which frequently publishes satirical drawings and jokes. As a result of these attacks, 17 people died in total counting the police officers shot on this sad day leaving a nation traumatized.

I have always been a huge French supporter and lover. I had the fortune to visit Paris this past summer for the first time and it was spectacular. Paris is a busy, artistic, romantic, and gorgeous city. I never thought terrorism would affect the City of Lights. In the spirit of “Je Suis Charlie” I created this mani to raise awareness about this difficult issue facing our world and to fight against these terrorist to show we stand united. The phrase means “I am Charlie” in French and it has been seen everywhere from the streets of many cities around to the world to the red carpet at the Golden Globes.

I used Song by ZOYA for the blue, Cherry Dazzler by AVON for the red, and Alpine Snow by OPI for the white. To create the words I used a tiny art brush and black acrylic paint.


Stay strong in your Pursuit!

Je Suis Charlie by Nail Polish Pursuit