KL Polish Summer 2017 Take Me to Miami Collection | Swatches + Review

Hi loves! Happy Mani Monday!! Hope everyone’s weekend is was great. Today I’m sharing the beautiful 2017 Summer Collection by KL Polish.

I’m a huge fan of Kathleen Lights on YouTube and I’ve been watching her for years now so when she launched her polish line almost a year ago, I was ecstatic!! Her brand’s Summer Collection is “Welcome to Miami” themed, so OF COURSE I had to buy it and do a full swatch review on the collection.

Miami is an amazing city that I get to call home. Yes, it’s crowded. Yes, the traffic sucks (not worse than L.A. though). Yes, it’s fast-paced. And yes the majority of people living here only speak Spanish but I must say that I love this city. The palm trees, the beaches, the tropical life here is where many come to vacation and enjoy. I get to be here 365 days a year! I have been living here since the early 80’s and I have moved away a couple times over the years, but I ALWAYS come back! It’s home! So let’s take a look at this perfectly named collection and tribute to the place where Kathleen and I call home.



This is an amazing gorgeous bright peach creme. It has a great buttery formula. I did find it to be a bit patchy after 2 coats so I did 3 here to reach full opacity.


She named is polish after the beautiful South Beach where tourists flock to every day!


This is a fun chartreuse yellow green creme that leans more toward green. This one was also too streaky for my liking after 2 coats so I did 3 coats. This polish color isn’t going to be for everyone, but I find it fun and different!

305 is the area code for Miami-Dade so it’s a very popular nickname for Miami.



This beauty is a blue-toned hot pink creme with a pearlized flash. This one was super sheer! It was not streaky at all but I could still see VNL after 2 coats. I decided to go for a 3rd which didn’t cover it completely but did cover enough for my liking. It’s gorgeous! It dries matte so you will need a glossy top coat for shine.

MIA is short for MIAMI. Some people thought she named it after Miami International Airport, but she confirmed she didn’t in her video. Others also think it’s a girls’ name as in Mia.


This is a gorgeous cobalt blue creme. What an INCREDIBLE formula! WOW!! I am in love you guys!! This beauty was almost opaque in ONE COAT! Ahhhh my fave type of polish. It’s super pigmented and applied like a dream. This is 2 beautiful coats. Also, it did NOT stain 🙂 YAY!

One of Kathleen’s dogs is named Porter and we have a Port here, so I love the play on words for this polish name. Porter Miami instead of Port of Miami. Love it!


This is a teal base filled with fold and green micro shimmer. Gorg!!! It’s pretty sheer but actually covers really nicely in 2 coats. I love how this looks like an ocean and so mermaid-esque. Simply beautiful!


Ocean Drive is the most famous street on Miami Beach. It is a strip road parallel to the beach filled with restaurants, bars, and tons of beautiful hotels. Very touristy.


This is an insanely bright poppy red creme. WOWSA! Another beauty. Almost opaque in 1 coat, I did 2 delicious coats here. Super duper pigmented and glossy. Such a great formula. My only disappointment here was that it unfortunately and shockingly stained my nails. I have never had a red polish stain my nails. But I wore this for a few days and when I took it off, my nails and fingers were all stained red. Whahh 🙁


Don’t miss my live swatch + review video on my YouTube channel here. I actually drove down to the beach and Port to get tons of footage for this video, so it’s a good one!

KL Polish is vegan, cruelty free, and 5 FREE. You can purchase her polish here.

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My favorite from the bunch was hands down Porter Miami! SUCH a beauty! Which one was your fave? Have you tried KL Polish? Have a great week loves!