KL Polish Das Esspensive XXVI + New Colors

Happy Friday pretty polishers! The weather in Miami is getting soo soo hot and I love the change. It’s never really too cold here, but this Winter has been unusually cold. So I’m glad things are finally warming up for good. Is it cold or warming up where you live? Today I’m sharing with you a few new polishes from KL Polish.

Kathleen Lights released a Limited Edition polish on her birthday called Das Esspensive XXVI. Last year she released Das Esspensive XXV. They are both glittery and gorgeous.

Das Esspensive XXVI is an iridescent and gold hex + micro glitter in a clear base. It has a stunning rose gold cap. This glitter is more of a topper. It won’t be opaque on it’s own but it can be built up. This is 3 coats.

The hex glitters are so stunning under sunlight. I am usually an opacity queen but I actually really really love the way this looks. So chic and gorgeous.

I wanted to see how this would look as a topper so here is one coat over Tuxedo Mask:

And here is one coat over Paper Snow:

I am obsessed with the way it looks over black!!! I love the green iridescent sheen. So so stunning!

So of course I had to compare 26 to 25 from last year. Let’s take a look at them side by side:

As you can tell, 25 is a lighter gold and way more dense and opaque. 26 is a much more finely milled glitter and is not opaque. Which one do you prefer?

I love them both but I gravitate more toward 25 just because of the opacity.


Paper Snow is a stark white creme. It’s a bit streaky on the first coat, but covers up nicely on the second coat.


Tuxedo Mask is a classic onyx black creme. This one had a fantastic formula. Almost opaque on the first coat, perfect in two.


You can watch my live swatch + review video to see these in action on my YouTube channel here:


KL Polish is vegan, cruelty free, and 9 FREE. You can purchase her other collections here. Das Esspensive XXVI is Limited Edition and is currently still in stock at the time this blog post was published. The other two are part of her core line. Each polish retails for $8.50 USD.

Which one of these was your favorite? Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!