LA Colors Color Craze NEON Collection

Summer isn’t over yet…. there are actually 5 weeks left of Summer so still plenty of time to rock those neons. I actually love neons, they are one of my fave type of polish. They give me an instant tan and I could wear them year-round, but that’s probably because I live in Miami!

These pretty much all have the same formula except for the highlighter yellow neon. All were 3 coats to reach full opacity. The highlighter yellow was a 4-5 coater, but if you add a white base coat it’s opaque (and brighter) in 2 coats. Also, please note these ARE NOT gel polishes. They are GEL-LIKE which just means they have a shiny finish, but they are regular normal nail polish. Let’s take a look at each one.


This is a bubblegum pink neon. OH one important thing I didn’t mention earlier with these…. the brush! The brush isn’t the best. It’s not thin, but it’s flat edged making it difficult to do a clean swatch on the nail since our nail beds are round. My fave type of brushes are those that are rounded at the edges. Formula is patchy and streaky as I mentioned before it takes 3 coats to be fully opaque. But it’s oh so gorgeous!


This is a more coral bright neon. For this one I needed 3.5 coats. I have an instant tan though. Delicious!


This is a super bright orange neon. Super super super bright. This one was a 3-4 coater depending on your application.


The highlighter yellow neon of the bunch. This one was wow! Okay so it’s 4 coats on it’s own to reach opacity (to my liking) and if you do a white undies base, you only need 1 or 2 coats over that to make it look amazing. It don’t think it’s a whole big of a difference with undies vs. without but what do you guys think? This is without undies, 4 coats on it’s own:

And this is with a white undies base coat.

I think I like it better with the white base just because it pops more and looks amazing.


This is a yummy neon green! I don’t have any polish this color. It’s so bright and amazing!!!


This is an aqua neon. So stunning and the color is just Summer in a bottle.


This is a powder blue, not quite neon, but super bright and powdery. I liked the pigmentation on this one.


This is a lilac/periwinkle bright beauty. It almost has a hint of dustiness to it. LOVE!

L.A. Colors is a cosmetics brand that is US based and cruelty free. They are committed to providing budget-friendly beauty product – to all beauty fanatics – from teens, millennials, and Gen-X admirers; in today’s hottest products, colors, and trends!

You can purchase these beauties for about $2 USD at Dollar Tree, Five Below, Walmart, Dollar General, Kmart or on Amazon here.

Also, I topped off these beauties with my go-to top coat essie gel setter that you can purchase on Amazon here. Although these dried very shiny without top coat.

My faves were Lucky and Splashy. Which one was your fave?

FTC: These polishes were sent to me as PR. Opinions are always my own. Some links are Amazon Associate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.